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Does DirecTV Now Work and Install on Android TV Mi Box NVIDIA SHIELD TV DirecTV Now

Description: The following article is mainly going to show us some ways to install DIRECTV login on Android TV , some procedures are being tested to be seen whether it works or not.

I’m going to show you how to install DIRECTV now and we’re going to see if it ends up working or not.

The app is not available in the Google Play Store, so that’s why we have to do it this way, so first let’s download ES File Explorer, search for it, once you search for it, find it, click on it and install it. You have ES File Explorer downloaded and install.

The next thing you want to do is to go into settings and go all the way down until you see security and restrictions unknown sources, turn that on.

Next, open up ES File Explorer, once you’re inside the app, on the left hand side where it says favorites, you want to go down until you see Google and click on Google.

Then you press to the right, you get into the search box and type Direct TV now, once you have that searched for, click on the second link down or first link down, the one that says direct TV now.

It’ll say apk mirror below it, so click that, that’s going to bring you to the DirecTV now apk mirror site and we need to install this file now that you’re highlighted on the download DirecTV now apk click that and then it’s going to start downloaded.

Once you click on it, hit open file, hit install, next click open, hit allow now, once you get to the login screen, if you can’t get the email and a password, be able to pop up with it, plug in a USB mouse and click in one of those fields.

It will pop up, it will allow you to use your controller at that point, so click inside where it says email and type in the email address and password associated with this Direct TV.

I have some good and bad news, the good news is easily install DirecTV now, have it open, I can look through stuff, put movies loads, movies up, shows the same thing. I can see the networks that are available for this.

The bad thing is that I’m going to show you and this happens with everything I play, I’m going to click American joggers, click and drag with my mouse.

That’s the other thing I can only get this working with a mouse, I can’t get it working with my box controller now, I have a play button, I’m going to hit play.

I’ll show you, it’s going to play and then it says it is stopped, it closes out and then automatically reopens, so you can’t play any content, unfortunately, you can look through the stuff.

I can’t even get swatch, I’ll play, try it again for you, something else seems that it’s going to play and it stopped, I can’t even get the guide to come up of the live channels.

Everything seems that it’s going to work, the controller doesn’t work here, when I click guide, it doesn’t open up, if I go to search and I have to use the controller again to type something.

If I go in and type, I’ll say you know USA coz USA channel when I hit the watch, I don’t know why it happens, it doesn’t work, maybe we need to see another version, you have to wait for the the Android TV app to come out, I also tried doing it from the website and making my Chrome browser. If you have a workaround, something that does work.

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