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Sling TV and DirecTV NOW What Is the Best Cable Killer?

Description: In this article, we can see the comparisons between sling TV and DirecTV login, it will mention their features separately and tell us the ways to differentiate them.

In the past, we’ve discussed about both sling TV and DirecTV separately, but we wanted to pit them against each other, because if you’re deciding on a streaming TV service.

These will usually be the two you end up deciding between and the winner is clear, since this is YouTube, you can go ahead and skip right to the end to get the answer.

It is a beautiful thing, but we have actual reasons for picking the winner, we did so, let’s dig into those, let’s start with everyone’s first concern price, if you’re switching from traditional TV to a live streaming service and your only concern is lowering that monthly bill as much as you possibly can.

Sling TV wins more easily, the base package on sling is 20 bucks a month with the most expensive plan, coming in at $40 contrast that with DirecTV which starts at 35 bucks a month and goes all the way up to 70.

So sling TV is straight-up, cheaper, but there’s more to the story than raw numbers and you know what they say and what you pay for.

We’re getting into the real meat to choose between sling TV and DirecTV now, it would be easy to write off DirecTV.

When you hear that it’s base package costs almost twice as much as sling TVs base package, if all the channels you want are on slings cheapest package, that’s great problem solving.

DirecTV will deliver a little more than twice the channel account, so the cost per channel is lower with directv now versus sling weather, you’ll actually use all of those channels.

The stats suggest that we prefer the sling model which keeps the package prices low and then offers a whole bunch of add-ons, there are add-ons for sports and premium channels and French channels.

DirecTV absolutely wins in the premium channels HBO Cinemax and stars are five dollars on Direct TV on sling, you’re looking at 50 tene ten and ten.

If some combination of those channels is a must for you, do a little math first to see which service is cheaper, once you add in all the premium channels, this one is simple, sling TV has cloud DVR capability DirecTV now, it’s not quite simple.

There are limitations that we’ll get into, but cloud DVR is great, if you’re on the go and you have an internet connection, in my opinion adding the DVR to your sling subscription is definitely worth the $5 price tag.

Its worth five bucks a month doesn’t mean that slings DVR is great all-around, there’s a 50-hour limit which I cannot stress, you will reach quickly.

As I mentioned above to watch it on the go, you must have an internet connection, you can’t download the shows to watch later.

Lastly, a huge omission on slings DVR is that you cannot record any channel owned by Disney, unfortunately, that does include ESPN ABC and free form.

I guess a lot of people signed up for slings DVR, we’re very disappointed, when they tried to record something on ESPN now, we won’t have to wait long to see how well DirecTV is.

I hope they can put out a decent product with fewer hang-ups than slings currently has now, there are a few other things that we considered and I wanted to run through those quickly.

Sling has been around for a while and is available on almost any device out there, DirecTV now is newer and is playing catch-up, but it is catching up and it’s available about everywhere.

Sling is the big exception is Xbox, you cannot get DIRECTV now, neither is available on PlayStation, thanks to PlayStation View hogging that ecosystem understandably, this is live TV, so you can expect commercials.

The worst part is that on both services, you rarely know whether your on-demand shows, we’ll have commercials or whether you can skip those.

It’s equally annoying, quite frankly on both services, there are reports of bugs on sling TV, but honestly, we never ran into DirecTV now.

On the other hand, it gave us plenty of error screens, it’s definitely better than the moment when we first reviewed the service at the beginning of the year.

But bugs are still the problem on DirecTV, if you’re keeping score, it should be clear that our recommendation is sling TV, both services are decent and you are probably happy with either one.

If you spend a bunch of time with both services, sling TV does start to pull away as the better choice between the DVR and the bug free experience.

Above all, the flexible pricing is against us, a little closer to that holy grail of ala carte TV, sling TV definitely takes the cake, after all that, I do want to emphasize that Direct TV is not a bad service and you can have a good experience there too.

We generally recommend sling over Direct TV now, but I wanted to point out one exception, if you’re an 18 t-mobile customer with an unlimited plan, if that’s you, then you should take a hard look at DIRECTV now.

Since it is heavily discounted, compared to the regular price as low as 10 bucks a month, so did we miss anything or do you think DirecTV should have one.

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