DirecTV Now Login 10 Things You Need To Know

Description: The article is about direc tv login. The author introduces ten things that you should think of when you are trying to sign up for Direc TV. These ten things include the advantages and disadvantages of the Direc TV now. Those ten things are very important and helpful.

Direct TV now is AT&T and DirecTV’s new online streaming service. It allows you to stream live TV as well as gives you access to on-demand content to your mobile device or your laptop. There are a lot of different and cool things about Direc TV now. I’m going to have a lot of content about it.

What I want to do is that I want to give you 10 things that you need to consider about Direcr TV now. Some of them are positive and will give you a heads up,some of them are negative and concerns about things that they are lacking. These 10 things are very important.

The number is one big thing. This is something that’s big for people who are interested in cutting the cord. There are no long-term commitments,there’s no annual contract,you can pay month-to-month. It’s a lot easier than having 12 month agreement or 24 month agreements with these companies.

If you are only interested in having access for particular months every year,or you don’t want to pay for it when you’re traveling or abroad,or you are abroad and you’re traveling somewhere across the States but you want to have access in your hotel room to the shows that you’re interested,you can do that without paying annual contract. It is important.

Number two is that if you’re an AT&T user,you will have great option. AT&T is the parent company of DirecTV. They have purchased it recently. You can stream the content over LTE and it will not count against your data cap. This is a huge feature for on-the-go use. Some caveats,certain advertisements will still count against your data limit which is frustrating.

The other thing to keep in mind is that if you go over your data limit,you have slowed down in terms of being throttled or if you’re being throttled with unlimited data plans,you will not be able to stream video. If you have some limitation because you’re over your cap,you won’t be able to stream video even though video does not count against your cap previously. This is something that you need to keep in mind.

Number three on this list is one thing that’s big. Some big stations such as NBC ABC and Fox are only available in select markets. You can go online and check to see if these channels will be available in your city. If the network owns the local station,for instance if Fox owns your local station,then you should be able to stream on DirecTV now. If not,you won’t be able to stream it.

Number four is another thing. There’s no CBS at launch. DirecTV now,DirecTV and AT&T say they’re actively working to get CBS,but for $5.99 a month. CBS offers an all-access stream including NFL streams. Ii is important to me that I am able to watch my NFL games by using the CBS.

It is also one of the reasons that why I was originally interested in a streaming service. Since CBS offers their own unlimited streaming option for $6 a month,it doesn’t make sense to me. CBS will immediately jump on board with DIRECTV now. It is something that you need to keep in mind,it can make changes in the future.

Number five is that you are limited to two concurrent streams. If you have a family and you’re interested in replacing your cable at your house,you might want to think again because only two people can watch at any given time.

There has been a bug with the software early when I was watching content,it continued to tell me and gave me error screen saying you can’t watch this you already have your two concurrent streams. This is the little bug there,there is something that you need to keep in mind. You can only have two concurrent streams.

Number six,if you’re interested in HBO hopping on,DirecTV now is a good option. DirecTV now is only five dollars a month. If you want to have HBO as a standalone service,the price is $15 a month. Direc TV is a nice option since it only costs $5.

Number seven,you won’t see completely listings on DirecTV now for certain things like HBO. If you log in with DIRECTV now, you wuill get the HBO add-on and you can look for something such as Game of Thrones. You won’t see all the episodes from all the seasons.

However you can use your login credentials on HBO GO and you will have access to the complete catalogue. It is annoying but you still have access,you’ll have to pay for streams because it won’t be covered under the AT&T.

There is no data cap situation that we talked about before. But your login credentials won’t only work for HBO,they’ll also work for Cinemax,ABC,ESPN and Disney so you have those options as well .

Number eight,I previously mentioned that I am a big NFL fan,it’s frustrating to me that I can’t watch NFL games on CBS because it’s not available. But you do not have an option for other NFL options such as NFL red zone or NFL Network. The big one is the NFL Sunday Ticket. That’s a unique option which allows you to stream all the games regardless of where you are in the country.

It’s soul to DIRECTV but it is not available on DirecTV now. It will make a lot of sense to me if next year for next season they add that as an option for some price points. But now it is not an add-on option for DirecTV now.

Number nine,there are some missing features for this streaming service. The big one is it has no DVR. Some competitive streaming options have DVR support but this one does not. You can chromecast to your TV on an Android device but not on iOS. Those two features including DVR and iOS support and chromecast among some others are coming in 2017. AT&T says they’re actively working on it but now it’s not available.

Number ten also the last thing to check out is that if you’re interested in Direct TV now or you’re interested in an Apple TV or Amazon fire stick,you should go to DIRECTV now’s website and sign up for it. There’s an introductory offer that allows you if you prepay if you prepay for three months.

For paying or prepaying for one month,you can get a free Amazon fire stick. One of their higher plans normally cost $60 a month is now discounted to $35 a month. If you’re interested in the service,you should consider the things that I mentioned. You can go to there and sign up to get hardware that I previous mentioned.

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