DirecTV Now Login What Is DirecTV Now and How Does It Work? Review

Description: The article is about directv login. The author mainly introduces the DirecTV including what it looks like,how it works. He also uses many words to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of having the DirecTv in your house.

We’re going to discuss about what is the DirecTV,how it works and its difference from traditional satellite and cable TV providers. From the price points here,you can see the price you will pay is less than what you’re paying for a similar amount of channel offerings from the traditional satellite cable TV providers.

These are not introductory rates,these are the price you will pay with no contract,you can cancel at any time. If you’re not satisfied with the product that you’re getting,you can cancel at hassle free,you don’t have to have the cable company or the satellite company come to your house and disconnect your service,you can do it online.

There are no strings attached. You’re going to own the devices,you’re going to watch this channel content. You don’t have to worry about renting cable or satellite TV boxes or sending them back to the company if you don’t want to use the service anymore.

Another positive side is that you don’t have to have wires or coax cables running throughout all of your house,you’re going to access this content through your internet connection over Wi-Fi,you also don’t need a satellite outside of your house. There are a lot of positive sides going with this.

The drawbacks to this is that in comparison to the traditional satellite and cable TV providers,you are limited with DIRECTV now to two total streams at the same time. If you need access to more than that,you can always double your subscription,you can get two subscriptions. If you get the $35 a month package, it’s going to be 70 bucks a month and that will get you for total streams.

This caters more towards people who don’t have kids or live in households that don’t need a ton of streams going at the same time. It provides more for younger people and young adults and people who don’t have those traditional satellites and cable TV packages. That’s what they’re catering this. But given that it’s extremely cost effective to get these in comparison to those traditional means,there is a lot of incentive to try to get these packages if you can deal with having two total streams available to you.

What are you going to do if you’re interested in any of these different channel package offerings? You can make a Direct TV now. You can do the account login. You can cancel it at any time and you can get a free trial. After your free trial is done,it’s going to auto bill you 35 bucks a month after that point. But if you cancel before your free trial is over,you’re not going to pay anything. I’m going to scroll down here on the screen. This is a big advantage.

HBO cinemax only needs 5 bucks a month. It starts for 8 bucks a month,the pricing is very competitive there. You’re going to get access to a great assortment of channels,there are popular channels here for reasonable price. Another downside to these internet streaming services in comparison to the traditional satellite and cable TV providers is that you’re not going to get guaranteed access to all of your local channels.

It’s going to be more of a case-by-case situation. Because the place I live,I only get access to one local channel which is my local Fox channel. It’s going to be different based on where you live and which local channels you have access to.

These internet TV packages are continuing to add local channels all the time. It’s continuing to improve. This is something that has only been in the market for three years. They’re still writing those agreements and contracts with these content providers to get you all the channels that you want except keeping them at a very reasonable price.

You’re going to get this to work through your TV,you’re going to have a compatible device. Here’s a list of devices that you can use through your television,you’re going to need an Amazon fire,an Apple TV,a chromecast or a Roku.

You’re going to be able to watch this content by logging into your account through that DIRECTV now application on your smart phone,tablet and your personal computer or Apple computer by using Chrome web browser or Safari web browser. Chrome is for people with Windows PCs and Safari is for people with Apple PCs.

Those are the devices that are currently compatible with DIRECTV now. You’re going to need to buy these devices. Some of them are more expensive than others,you can usually get these as cheap as about twenty to thirty bucks. They’re not going to be as powerful as the more premium and expensive ones.

But you can still have some of their nicer devices to add into your TV. It depends on how much you want to spend on your particular device,you’re going to own that device,you’re not going to have to rent it,you’re not going to have to have the cable or satellite TV company come to your house and install them. You’re going to hook them up to your TV yourself and not have to worry about renting them or sending them back.

I prefer this system to the old system,it works out nice. Once you buy that device,there is no need to rent and you can cancel it at anytime and not have to worry about the companies having to get their equipment back. This is the big positive there. From this list,here are a lot of popular channels available in all these different price packages.

I’m impressed with the base $35 package that DirecTV now offers,given the fact that it has a strong assortment of channels for all different appetites,they have all the major news channels and all the major kids cartoon channels.

They have ESPN and Fox Sports 1,they have all the major educational channels such as Discovery History and National Geographic. For those kids channels,you can get Cartoon Network,Disney Channel and Nickelodeon strong allotment of channels. Their news channels include CNN,Fox News,MSNBC. You can see the strong assortment channels for VH1 and MTV.

In my opinion,the differentiator between DirecTV now and their competition in the internet TV streaming department is that they have a strong assortment of channels to choose from in that base $35 package in comparison to the base packages to these other companies.

The downside is that you’re only limited to two streams which is not quite as competitive as other companies such as sling TV potentially and PlayStation View. Those are some things that we need to keep in mind.

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