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Disney Movies Anywhere.com Activate Demonstration

Description: The article indicates the fact that we can use disneymovies anywhere account app on both devices linked to Amazon activate, we will be guided to make a purchase on movies anywhere.

The first thing I want to walk you through is how you link accounts, since that’s the core essence of movies anywhere, we have our movies anywhere account on both devices linked to Amazon.

If I visit my movies either on Roku or here, I see the same four titles that are in my Amazon library, in movies anywhere, we will connect our Google Play account, so it’s as simple as selecting Google Play from the retailer’s.

You’ll notice that iTunes is greyed out, since we are in an Android device and you’re connected so obviously on this Android device, you have used your Google account.

Let’s make sure what we expected to happen, what we should see is that our four titles are on Google Play and then you noticed on Google Play, we had baby driver over there that we had purchased on Google Play.

We think people are going to be excited about the time when they download the movies anywhere app and link up the accounts from our participating retailers and see all their movies together.

Next, what I am going to do is to show you how we would make a purchase on movies anywhere, let’s go to the explore page and pick one of the hot releases of the summer, let’s pick Wonder Woman, let’s select buy, once you hit it, you’re presented with all of the eligible retailers where you can purchase Wonder Woman.

In this case, we’re going to pick Google Play, you’ll see here, it asks you if you want to set up play as your default retailer, if you do that, it will remember, you won’t have to select each time, it will lead you to Google Play.

I’ll pick the format, I want to buy it in, we’ll go back to movies anywhere and we already heard an alert happen, if Wonder Woman did show up in our library, Wonder Woman has shown up from our purchase, it’s also there on our Roku, it’s in our Google Play app and also on our Amazon account,on our PC.

Let’s start watching Wonder Woman, when we go back to the movies detail page, the Buy button has turned to play and they’ll start playing right away, so within seconds of buying at a retailer, it not only does sync up across your connected accounts, you can also start enjoying the movie right away.

Let me scrub forward to replicate that we’ve watched part of the film, let’s look at the app on our iPad, so this is our Explorer page, this is what consumers will be greeted with.

When they come back into the app, a couple of things will be pointed out, it’s totally feature film, you see a great interface, that is completely geared towards guiding people to figuring out a great feature film to watch.

We highlight all the great franchises by our studio partners, you’ll notice another row is going to show up, we’ll have personalization threaded throughout this interface and throughout the app.

You can set up six sub accounts and movies anywhere, so in addition to your master account, you can set up six sub accounts and when one of your sub account holders visits the app, this will be personalized for them.

If you have a child, you could set their MPAA rating appropriately and the entire experience will resolve to show titles up to the rating limit that you set that includes redeeming anywhere that they browse your library.

We can continue to browse down, see the different films, this is all configurable on the fly, so we can add rows, change this up almost at a moment’s notice.

The next feature I want to walk you through is redeem. Almost any blue-ray purchase comes with a digital code inside that you can redeem for an copy of that title.

We’re going to show you how that works here, it’s innovative, because the experience is fragmented against studios, so this brings everything into one place, consolidated with a streamline, simply easy to use interface to redeem your codes.

Let’s enter a code for mallanna, not only will we guide the user towards a successful redemption for the titles that we have in our catalog which is almost 7500, we will also point them to a place to redeem.

If they try to enter a code for a title, that’s not in our catalog, so let’s hit redeem on mulana there, it goes a successful message, mallanna has been added to your library, let’s look and make sure it’s showing up in all of our end points.

We’ll start here on the iPad there, it is mallanna in our collection on the iPad here, it is showing up on our Google Play account on our movies anywhere on the Roku and then also in our Amazon library.

We’ve been able to create some engaging and immersive movie detail pages, I’ve got an amazing hero image hand selected for the movies anywhere app here and you see the state of the button here is play, because we own pirates, if we didn’t have them, this button would display by, if pirates were still in theaters, we would offer the user an opportunity to watch the trailer or even pre-order the title.

If it’s available, you can see here, since I own pirates, there’s an option to save it offline from the movies detail page, as you scroll down, you see all the bonus housed here, all the behind-the-scenes and extras are here for me to enjoy on the same page.

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