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Disney Movies Anywhere for Google Play and iTunes Activate

Description: The article mentions that Disney Movies Anywhere have partnered up with Apple iTunes and Google Play. We can also learn some ways to go through the redemption process when we redeem a movie.

I want to make a quick video on the Disney movies anywhere app, that came out this week, what Disney has done is that they’ve partnered up with Apple and Google.

Whenever you buy a Disney film, that has a digital copy attached to it, you redeem the code that you would normally redeem on Disney’s website, you could redeem it here on this app now, it’ll put that movie into your Google Play or your iTunes account which is cool.

When you redeem a movie, you have it in ultraviolet, you can watch it through some third party apps, but it doesn’t link it to apps that have a big ecosystem like Google Play or iTunes, they have big movie selections and lots of movie studios are part of those stores.

You still have to use a separate app from iTunes or from Google Play, but it’s still better than the previous method of cleaning your digital copy, so I’m going to go ahead and open the app.

We can take a look at how it looks, it opens up to my collection here, you get wreck-it Ralph for free by signing up for this, previously Bach Tron Legacy through Google Play and it shows up here in the app as well.

There is another Disney movie that I redeemed, so I’m going to go through the redemption process quickly here, so you can see how this works.

There’s a movie on this device tab, you can download the movie to your device and that will allow you to watch it without having any data connectivity.

let’s go over to the rewards tab and this is where you enter your codes for movies, so I’m going to use my copy of the Avengers, it came with a digital copy.

When I move this over here, go ahead and pull the code out from here, moving off to the side, enter this code here, so let’s process the code, it’s acknowledged that I’ve unlocked a copy of The Avengers.

If I go back to my collection, I also give you points here for every movie redeem, you get points for you to use, so if I go back to my collection and it refreshes with Avenger showing up there now, move this off to the side.

Here’s a cool part that I think is awesome, I will go to my Google Play movies, it shows up too, I wish other movie studios would start doing this, this is hopefully setting a precedent for unifying movie studios into some common ecosystems to where I could buy any movie in the future and get a code and unlock the same movie within iTunes or within Google Play. Then we will be able to watch it on all my devices.

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