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What You Need to Know about Disney Movies Anywhere.com Activate

Description: The article mainly covers something we need to know about Disney Movies Anywhere, we are told the ways to buy and activate the movie by teaming up with Apple.

My name is Matt. Do you know what Disney did? They launched a new service which is called Disney movies anywhere today and essentially the whole point is that you can get up to 400 Disney movies anywhere.

It’s like a digital streaming service like Netflix or Hulu or Amazon, it’s not what it is, it’s a cloud-based service to purchase Disney films and then watch them on other platforms.

They’ve teamed up with Apple for this, so you can buy the movie through iTunes and then sync it to your Disney movies anywhere profile and watch it on your iPad or iPhone.

You can also stream it over to your Apple TV, if you have that, Apple devices are essentially about what is going to be accessible for Disney movies anywhere, you want to work with a company that has a very devout fanbase.

They all use a lot of same products, I get that, but I don’t know, when I first read the article, I had assumed that this is like Disney’s version of Netflix.

I could pay one monthly fee and get access to 400 Disney films, since 2008, I would do that, I’m eager to watch some wall-e, I don’t feel like pulling out my blue-ray, so I just log in and watch it.

I can except it’s going to cost me $20 for the HD copy of wall-e, a movie that came out six years ago is going to cost me $20 to buy the digital copy, I can go down to the store and purchase the blue for about 25 bucks, because Disney never lowers the price of their blue-rays.

I digress the other part of this too, Disney set up a reward system, so you can get rewards points for purchasing content.

You happen to start purchasing all of your Disney movies through this service and then you have the digital save file in the cloud, what you can do is to purchase the retail copy which comes with a code that you can enter into this.

Get it on your iPad, unlock your digital copy which is nothing new, I get where Disney is going with this, but at the same time, I think it is too expensive, I don’t understand why we’re running into this world now.

If you’re cutting out, the middleman shouldn’t the cost be lower, I dig what Disney’s attempting to do, I would much rather have a streaming service or a rental service or a Gamefly service.

That service would allow me to pick and choose the titles, I can download a couple of them on my computer, have them on my iPad or stream to my Apple TV.

If I had one, I have a Roku, that’s really not at the point and then be able to watch them at my discretion versus purchasing them through Apple only devices and then be only watching them through Apple only devices.

I can’t wrap my head around this one in a way that makes me want to rush out and drop 20 bucks, the great thing is though, if you do it in the first week, you sync it to your iTunes account, they give you the incredibles for free.

I’m not against that, so I signed up, I got the incredibles, they are now on my iPad, I can watch that wherever I go and I’m happy, so if you want a free copy, the incredibles would cost you 20 bucks, check it out, the link will be in the description.

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