eHarmony Login The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Description: This passage focuses on the eharmony login. eHarmony claims to take a scientific approach to match making, and seems to do a great job of living up to that promise. With guided communication features, you’ll also never wonder what to say to your matches.

Claiming to apply the scientific method to finding your one and only, eharmony has been a bold and recognizable voice within online dating for almost 15 years now, it’s also unique asking you to spend more time filling out its proprietary questionnaire than browsing for members.

In fact you’re only even allowed to view people that you’re matched with, this can take a lot of pressure of you if you’d rather look for that special someone than hundreds of nobodies, while this all sounds impressive, we are at consumer rankings.

There’s no such thing as a perfect service for everyone, that’s why we want to show you the good, the bad and the ugly of dating on eHarmony, in many ways a harmony runs contrary to the trends set by popular dating sites, since you don’t have to spend any time looking for matches, your best bet is to spend time on your profile.

As you can see eharmony profiles are much more impressive than the average dating site, with huge profile pictures using the right and left arrow keys, you’ll see more and more information, once you’ve got your profile looking sharp, you can go to your homepage and see if you have any action from your matches.

The home page will show you if anyone’s visited your profile or sent you a message, it’s a good home base to see how well you’re doing, to take a look at your matches, click the button at the top, you can learn more information about a match by scrolling over their image.

Once you’ve found some people you’re interested in, feel free to take a look at their profiles, when you were browsing your profile, your left and right arrow keys will allow you to see more information about your matches as you go.

A nice addition is that your up and down Keys will let you browse your other matches, let’s take a look at the communication features, though communication is streamlined, you’ll find that it follows a strict template, starting with five quick questions you’ll get a basic feel for who your match is.

Then you and your match will exchange makes or breaks, this is a list of qualities you love and hate in a partner which each of you approves, after that you have long answer questions to ask your match, then you’ll finally be able to message your match directly.

If it sounds a little cumbersome, that’s because it is, the company offers a skip ahead option which contradicts the company’s philosophy somewhat, still you have to wonder why most people wouldn’t choose this option for every match they wanted to contact.

With all the structure in place with harmony’s communication, it should come as no surprise that its payment plans are structured, as you can see the longer term you sign for, the less you’ll pay on a monthly basis, these prices are steep compared to other companies we’ve featured.

When you sign up, you’re paying for a premium interface and quality members, otherwise you might be a little taken aback, but you’re here for the nitty-gritty, let’s start with what a harmony does best which is obviously matching you with members based on compatibility algorithms.

The flipside to this equation is that the communication features and even the matching can feel restrictive, but the thing that will turn off most people is the higher than average prices, eharmony could be worth the money for people who are tired of wasting their time on meaningless dates, we hope that this helped you learn a little more about online dating on your way to finding a service that works great for you.

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