Kelly Seal eHarmony Login Review

Description: This review is mainly about eharmony login. With a focus on determining compatibility, gives members in-depth tools for getting to know themselves as individuals and within a couple. The site updates its matching system based on the more data accumulated.

This is Kelly seal. I’m doing a review of eharmony for online I joined the site about a month ago and I wanted to go through the process of signing up seeing what the site was all about, seeing how easy it was to use and reporting back to you my thoughts on how effective it is, in terms of the online dating experience how easy it is to use and the quality of matches.

I’m here to report back a little snapshot of my review which you can read in full on online dater, I want to talk a little bit about why people join eharmony, this is definitely a site for those who are looking for long-term relationships for marriage for the real deal.

If you’re looking to hook up, this is not the right site for you, you’re better off with something that does not take much time and is not an intensive process, something that’s easy to download like tinder, eharmony is focused on finding people relationships.

If you’re looking to be matched with quality people who are also looking for long-term relationships, this is a good site to join, before you join you should know exactly what you want to get out of it, because eharmony is serious, in my opinion the big drawback to eHarmony is the time commitment.

When I was going through the signup process, it took me about 90 minutes to complete, it’s a bit of a time commitment, you have to be willing to put in the time to get through the initial process, now you don’t have to do it all at once, you can save your work and come back to it if you only have 20 minutes here, 15 minutes there.

That’s not so much of an issue, however in order to get to your matches and to start using the site, you have to complete the whole process, now it’s a little bit redundant, they ask the same types of questions in different ways, but it’s with a specific purpose.

Because eharmony has set up its site and the algorithms of all of these questions like what type of person you are or what kind of relationship you’re looking for, they can hone in on quality matches for you, this is a good and a bad thing, you have to be willing to put in a time to reap the rewards of eHarmony.

Moving on to cost, eharmony charges a bit more than most dating sites, it’s not free like a lot of dating apps that people use, it’s a little bit tricky to see what the pricing is unless you purchase a year membership or six month membership.

When you get to the end of the signup process, they give you options of longer terms like six months or a year, if you want to do one month which I did, you have to scroll around a bit and look into the fine print and dig down deeper.

It takes a little bit of time to find that, when you select one month, they prompt you to select at least three months, they are trying to discourage you from a short-term membership and more towards long term, because I only join for a month, it is at the highest price which is $60. However, the price discounts if longer you decide to be a member, that’s the cost.

The coolest feature of eHarmony I found is what they call the book of you, my book of Kelly is my pseudonym on the site, but my book described who I is, what I want and most interestingly it describes how other people may perceive you both positive and negative, in other words if I’m optimistic and outgoing, people could perceive me as either fun to hang out with or they can see me as not very serious, there are positive and negative connotations that people can take away from everyone.

This gives you real insight into how to date, how you come across to people, how you want to portray yourself to other people and also where your relationship weaknesses are, if you tend to be jealous or if you tend to be a little bit needy, it’ll bring attention, this book tells you those strong and weak points about yourself.

When you are prepared to go into a relationship, you can say okay, I’m being a little bit out of line here or it brings attention to things that you should know in a relationship, match is an important feature that everybody wants to know about because you want to know who the sites matching you with, you want to know if these quality are matches, you want to know if they are right for you or they are matching you with random.

When I first finished the initial signup process, I had three matches and they were all outside of my range, it was a little disconcerting because he’s going to live 60 miles away outside of my range, take this with a grain of salt when you first sign up because after a few days and even a week later I had tons more matches.

If you set specific filters for what you want, eHarmony also gives you additional matches of who they think based on your personality and questionnaire you can match with, in other words even if somebody is outside of your filters, they’ll show you and ask you if you might want to think about this person even though they’re not the people you want.

That’s a benefit to me because I think a lot of people have very specific ideas of who they want, if you go a little bit outside of your comfort zone or what you’re normally attracted to the type of person, this is a good thing, it widens your options, you get to meet a lot more people, this is a plus in my opinion of eHarmony.

Let’s talk a little bit about features,eharmony packs a lot of information into its site, each person’s profile is extensive, I haven’t completed my profile, I completed a lot of it but it kept prompting me to complete more, the more information you give eharmony, the better the matches for you.

This is a good thing but because of all the information, reading somebody’s profile could take a little bit of time, it’s not like an app where you can swipe through photos, it’s a little more extensive, the features can get a little bit bogged down in my opinion, it’s a little difficult to navigate.

You’re given a list of everybody who’s changed a profile picture or made some update to the profile, this was a little confusing to me because mostly I want to see what new people sent what new communications, that is my main focus.

It took me a while to learn how to go directly to that, you have to search for it, it’s not the easiest thing to navigate, it’s not very intuitive in my opinion, but once you’re on the site, once you’re using it, you get to the hang of it.

Communication could be a drawback for people as far as eHarmony goes because you can’t email somebody and say if you want to grab a coffee or I think you’re hot, let’s go out, you can’t do any of those things on eHarmony because they have a guided communication process.

It takes you through three steps of Q&A back and forth before you get to the point where you can email one of your matches, you have the option if you want to go straight to the email, you can go straight to the email but the other person has to agree to you, you both have to agree.

You have that option but it has to be mutual, most people choose to go through the guided communication process, if you’re an impatient dater, this is going to frustrate you, when you go through this communication process, you could be missing out on people who are already to the dating stage, therefore maybe they get lacks on their communication.

You don’t hear from them again, you miss out on opportunities in my opinion if you’re not on it everyday communicating as quickly as possible with potential matches, that’s the downside, you have to commit the time and you have to commit every day at least looking at your matches and looking what you can do.

Let’s talk a little bit about the mobile app because I think more than logging into your computer at work or your laptop at home, you’re going to be using your phone, checking your matches on your phone and checking your communication on your phone.

It is better because it’s more accessible, that means you can be better in touch with your matches, the mobile app is a streamlined version of the eHarmony website, there’s still all the information packed into one thing, when you look at somebody’s profile, you’re scrolling and scrolling, it can be a little bit daunting.

However the good thing about eharmony is that you can find what you’re looking for, you can go directly to your communications, you can email or answer the Q&A’s guided communication directly from your phone, it makes it more accessible. It’ll give you little alerts so that you know what’s happening.

All in all eharmony is a great tool if you are interested in long-term relationships, if you’re interested in finding somebody who’s going to be the one, but if you’re looking to date, if you’re looking to get back out there and have it be casual, this is not a good site for you because you need a lot of time and effort in eHarmony.

If you are looking for a casual relationship, it’s better to find another site that won’t be so time-consuming, but if you’re focused, this is a great option and I recommend it. Thank you. This is Kelly seal for online You can check out my website at

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