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E-Lead CRM Login Sales Manager Tutorial

Description: In the article which centers on eleads crm login, the author talks about the elead dashboard. Elead one has been serving the auto industry for over 30 years and offers dealers a robust suite of software, technology and services to help sell more cars in a digital age.

You’ll have a tab either at the top or the bottom of your monitor, when you hover over that tab, you’ll see a chat button, click on that chat button, it will open up a chat window, feel free to type questions there, you don’t have to wait for me to take you off.

With salesman of your training, we’re going to go over a half-ish dashboard, we’re going to cover your email a little bit, I can keep you all from getting into trouble with your staff, we’re going to cover three reports, in the admin section we’re going to touch on management escalation, get into adding personnel and terminating personnel including reassignment of process.

I have notes for the personnel stuff, if you all want my notes, email university, I put it into the chat, subject line is sm4 Sales Manager notes, I will send you the notes on the personnel stuff, that way you all don’t have to try and keep up when I walk you through this.

Some of you already have those notes, but if you want them, email me and to the university address map, the first dashboard we’re going to cover is your desk log, you could set that as your landing page so that when you sign on, you’re already there.

To set your landing page, we’ll go in to admin CRM setup preferences, you set your landing page, this also becomes your home button, you might not want it to be your desktop, since you already have a desk log button up here, you might want to choose something else for this button.

This is also where you create your signature, when you do this, do not check always include, you do not want your signature going out on every email that goes out to the customer, there are automatic emails that go out from the marketing department signed by your GM or by your service manager.

You don’t want your signature put under there, it doesn’t look professional, instead when you send an email, at the bottom of it you’ll use the merge code email signature, it will pull this in from their section, when you make any changes, remember to come down and click update.

The other way you can get your desk log is button up top, the long way is dashboards, sales, desk log, today’s date is by default, you can change this to a different day or date range, when you do this, refresh button will turn yellow to let you know that you need to click on it to load in that new data.

You start with all departments, you will have a drop-down with all your dealerships departments, they look different than mine, but if you are the new vehicle manager or the used vehicle manager and you always want to come to your team when you get to the desk log, you can set that in your configuration.

You don’t have to go to the drop-down every time, you go straight to your team, you can look at a specific type of vehicle, make some status, the default is 45, you can change this, this is your indicator, the customer has been in the dealership long enough, they’re going to buy a vehicle.

I’ve never seen this above 60 unless it’s a Harley Davidson dealership, because they have a different culture, but 30 to 60 is the average for other dealerships, your refresh rate by default is 15, you can change that, please don’t make it any lower than five minutes because it will cost system issues.

Keep in mind that you could set this to seminary, if it’s not refreshing fast enough, click the button, it’s pedal refresh, you can view any of subtypes or any combination of these asides when you come to your desk log, but keep in mind that depending on how busy your dealership is, it could slow down the load rate and the refresh rate for your desk log.

You might want to choose to only view a couple when you come in, the others can view on a fly, the colors are yours, whatever your eyes are comfortable with, choose this, it is yours, whatever you want to do for your legend, you do that.

Your sales appointment log is under this heading, you can print it, you get your hyperlinks, click this log button to go back to today’s date or your browser’s back button if you want to keep the date range or if you changed your date range.

New vehicle moves will use vehicle which these customers aren’t interested in, the blue spinning triangle appears to the left of the customers name about four hours prior to the appointment if it has not been confirmed, when you’re calling the customers to confirm the appointment, you might have a manager appointment confirmation call on your organizer.

Even if you leave the message, you can complete the task, you would check what message, if you do not have a scheduled call, you would click on a phone on top for unscheduled activities, if you left a message, you can record that, I always type appointment confirm.

This way your activity reports are accurate, anybody that’s looking at this record can see that an attempt was made to confirm the appointment, you will still need to go to the appointment board for the day, check the box and record what you did in here.

This way anybody that’s looking at this doesn’t have to go into the customers, they click on a box saying that CDC agent left the message, nobody’s called back yet, if he pulls back and he says he can’t make it at 2:00, can you push him back to 5:00?

This pencil immediately let your reschedule, you don’t even have to go into the customer’s record, when I save it, everything updates, normally I would confirm this appointment, but I need it unconfirmed for my last class, however, I got that one highlighted.

That’s an indicator to everybody on the team that somebody needs to call and reschedule, there’s a chance that whoever greeted the customer forgot to mark them in the showroom, you can do the exact same thing, your sales representatives can do as far as marking someone in the showroom.

I’m trying to decide if I have to sneeze, if you all are responsible for marketing appointments, there’s no show either later on that day or the following day, complete the appointment, the most important part of a no-show is that little box there.

If you have no show in this drop-down, you’ll select it as well, it will automatically schedule an NS long follow up for this representative, you can assign it to a BBC agent if you want, it will accurately record that this is a no-show appointment, it will put the customer into a no-show appointment status.

All that is done automatically with those two spots, if you don’t have no-show here, everything else is manual, you would schedule a phone call, I was put in as follow-up, representatives know why they’re going to be calling them, you can change the date to today.

You can still assign it to a BBC representative, you also still need to remember to change the status, I’m not going to do that to this customer because I need this work for my last class of the day, in your statistics there is only one of me in this little pretend world.

My statistics isn’t that fantastic, source will be better, the desk log statistics with V backs report is under this heading, it will be based on the date range you’ve chosen for your desk log on the department that you’ve chosen, when we get to the report section, I’ll show you how you can play around with this a little bit more, you can send it to excel, you can print it, this is your desk log, thank you for reading.

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