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Eleads CRM Login Drivers License Scanner App Demo

Description: This is an article about eleads crm login. The author is going to go over the mobile application elead. If you don’t have the mobile app on your phone, it’s free to download, it’s compatible for both iPhone as well as android. Type in elead and mobile, it’ll come up on your cell phone.

My name is Greg Fodor. I am the Midwest Client Services manager and also the trainer for the Midwest for elead one, if you haven’t met me, I come around to all the stores, I’m sure I’ll meet you soon, today we’re going to be going over the mobile application.

If you don’t have the mobile app on your phone, it’s free to download, it’s compatible for both iPhone as well as android, type in elead and mobile, it’ll come up on your cell phone, put that on there, it’s a quick version of what you’re looking at in your computer screen.

You don’t have to be tied down to your desk anymore, you can look up any customer in there by first name, last name, phone number or email address, you could also go through look at your inventory, we’re tied in, we update nightly with all the cars you have in stock.

We’ll pull photos if we have pictures of the cars, the VIN number, the miles and whatever information we have translate over the phone, so you don’t have to be at the dealership anymore, you can be out at lunch, you could be at church, anywhere somebody sees the LaFontaine logo, you can pull up the inventory and pull up the customer if they’ve been in the store before.

You can be outside of the store and work all your activities, you could go through, do your phone calls, do your emails and see your appointments all through the mobile app, what we’re going to discuss today is the new mobile driver’s license scanner that we have.

That pulls the information off of the customers state license through the barcode on the back, it will also has facial recognition, you take a picture of the front, then you flip it over, you go into and get all the information that we have through the DMV or Secretary of State in Michigan.

We can go through and demonstrate that, it’s going to be beneficial for you, speed up the process, we have the driver’s license number, we have the customer’s full name, it’ll all be on there already, all you have to do is to supply the vehicle of interest and the trade if needed.

We have the scanner for that where we can scan the barcode, if you’ve used the app, you know that, we can also scan the phone number and email address, we type that in, it takes about 25 to 30 seconds to put the customer in, we have all the information already.

We’ll go through and demonstrate that to show you how easy it is, your data acquisition will never be faster, if you’ve ever been on our mobile app, you’ve seen this screen, if you haven’t been on our mobile app, if the elead 1 app goes through, it’s your same login and password that you login to e lead every day on your computer.

Once you log in, here is a screen you’ll see, the first thing you want to make sure is that your name of the dealership is at the top, if you have one dealer, it’ll be there, if not, you may have to go through and toggle Toyota, Honda and so on, there are a couple of the neat features that we have on here, I’ll go through these quickly.

We can search any customer by typing in any first name, last name, phone number or email address, your back button is always on the top left, you can go through and search your inventory, if I want to find a certain year on a car, for example 2011, I can go through and see my whole 2011 inventory.

As I go back on this, I can also go through and see my activities, if you have activities on your organizer, it’s going to show appointments, it’s going to show phones and show emails that you have to make, you can go in there and make this phone call through your cellular telephone.

One of the most exciting features that I want to talk about here specifically is our mobile driver’s license scanner, it takes that scanner that you have in the middle showroom out of the picture and puts it at the touch your hands, all you do is to come here to add a lead, come into the new button up top that says scan, take the customers driver’s license and put it down.

Come over and align the picture, touch the screen, this is taking the picture off of the front for facial recognition, flip the driver’s license over, put it over the barcode, it grabs that fast, now this will take any of the information from the Secretary of State.

It shows a first name, middle name, last name, driver’s license number, street address that they have on file as well as birth date, put it into the system, how we proceed is that we put in an email address and telephone number, you do that by clicking on any of the icons and putting those in.

Go up to the top and hit save, we hit the opportunities button, we come over, we have to select a source where there is a showroom, in this case there is a showroom up, we will say that Bing is the source, we can come down now, we can enter the vehicle of interest and also the trade information.

We have scanners for both, all you have to do is to click on either one, we can either scan the barcode on the b-pillar of the car or the QR code for GM vehicles, by clicking on that you’ll see a line come up, you can scan the VIN by going in.

For trades you will have to add the miles, hit save, this will tell you if we’ve ever had the customer in the system as we see that we have a hundred percent match on this customer, if we are under sixty five percent, we can add the customer by knowing he’s never been in the showroom, called on the phone or sent an internet lead.

In this case we know that the customer has been here before, we don’t want to add a secondary number, we can click on the customer’s information, go in and see everything about this customer, we can hit the opportunities page, see what vehicle they are on when they are added.

If the customer is under sixty five percent as I mentioned, we can go in, hit the Save button and add the customer’s information quickly, hopefully this has given you a new excitement for elead technology along with the mobile app, you can call me directly.

My name is Greg Fodor, I train everything through elead, I’ve used it in your capacity through sales, through management, you can call me directly at area code 229-630-0078, thanks.

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