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ELeads CRM Login How To Download Lists For Your Marketing Needs

Description: In this article about eleads crm login, the author is going to show you how to download lists from your eLeads CRM for marketing. These lists can be used for Facebook custom audiences, Google audiences and email marketing.

Today we’d like to produce this article or share this article with you, on the line I’ve got David Godwin from eleads, we’d like to talk a little bit about some lists that you should pull from your CRM in order to utilize for your advertising such as Facebook or Google.

We’ve talked a bit with the dealerships lately about downloading lists, uploading them to Facebook and sharing them so that we can do custom audiences within Facebook, David, I don’t know if you could take a few minutes and share with us how to download a couple of eleads lists.

For example if you are Chevrolet dealership, you’re looking for equity customers that you can sell Chevrolet to, you may not want to limit it to customers that are currently on the top, you may want to include SUVs rather make the model.

In this case you can be very specific in not only the making model, but also if they give you all full-sized FTBs possibly including the used ones that we’ve felt in the past, once I’ve slowed all that information in, I can be even more specifically on your models of the cars that we’ve sold.

Those customer’s distance from the dealership valuation based on Book value that can be anything from rough average, clean to extremely exclusions is the most important thing, if you want to mark into your database but not mark to do them.

I typically suggest that you search or exclude people to eat market within the last 90 days, you’re not marketing more than three times a year to that customer, once I plug all the information in, simply hit continue, it gives your recap of the third you’re looking for.

This is what you want to continue, you want to make a change, simply hit to insert, once I hit continue, it usually takes about a minute to run through the entire database, apply all the setting that you plug into their database and exclude all the people that don’t meet that criteria.

You don’t have to wait for this entire list full, you can have an email when it’s done, however, it only takes a couple of seconds, once the list bowls up, you have a breakdown of 188 people, in the dealership to have equity, all of them have a physical address.

159 of them have a good phone number, 150 of them have a physical email address that you can market to via email, down here at the bottom were examples, what would you like to do with this list? There are many different options.

One of the options that you were talking about earlier is the ability to export these lists, you can upload them to a different database, for example if I scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see several different options, one of which is download Excel.

Simply click that, at that point it’ll download your information, that’s great, we know that with Facebook and Google lists, it’s the email address that they’re most interested in, in this case you could take this Excel spreadsheet, if you’re concerned about privacy, you’re concerned about anything, you could delete all the cells except for the email itself, that’s what Facebook will be using to try and match the consumers, so that’s great.

That makes it easy because we’re constantly telling dealers download a list, frankly a lot of them look at us and ask how they do that, you have showed us a few easy steps on how to download the list, I don’t know if you could show us an example of how you know another idea that what we share with the dealers is an unsold list.

A dealership has gotten a bunch of leads, they’ve been either interacting with those consumers or those consumers have dropped off, it’s a great opportunity, maybe they bought elsewhere but they’re within a geography that they’re going to serve with you.

How do we go and pull a list of consumers? We don’t know where they stand, however, in the last seven days, I can come in, if they give me all about the prospect, with two places you have an entire list of all your active roster, you’re napping, that’s a very quick and easy way to do it.

There are more specific ways, for example, you’ll notice that there’s the search feature at the top, this is our advanced search feature which allows me to toggle between the three databases that are held with an easy notice on the top.

There’s a prospector, I can open this up and say give me prospect to be sale or give you service, if we say prospect, the purpose of this list is to obtain email addresses from our active prospects, to the left of each category you have a few check box computers.

I’m in the prospect search, I want all active, I’ll select all of academic status feature, there’s a lot of MIS database, choose the first one, hold your Shift key to let the last one, all of those are selected, if emails are imperative, you’ll say I want to display the email which is the left check box.

It only includes customers that have email address in this list, for next month this is a must-have, if I have this checked, it excludes someone from this list, it does not have any contract, once I plug all that in, certainly I can have it display other information I choose.

You may want to see the making model of the car that they’re interested in, you may want to see the trade information, whatever the case may be, you select the farthest left checkbox to display that and the results, when they come back, once I choose what I’m looking for, hit go at the bottom.

It takes a couple of seconds to run through the entire database excluding everyone that doesn’t meet the criteria, it goes back quickly, I have a list of all of my active prospect to have an email address, as you can see in this database there are nine thousand eight hundred ninety one records.

It pulls in about three seconds, now I’m going to have to lift those, at the top there’s an option to download Excel, I can certainly do that, I can come in and explain the lien and all the columns, over to Facebook at that point you attach duty non-tender.

The menu is on top of all that, on any list that you pull in these lead you have the ability to market to your customers within the Healey batiment, for example on any list that you pull, you have the option to perform three flick marketing which is simply one check.

Select everybody on the list, in this case select the second, click select in this car, we talk so much about that, we share with the dealers, you see this being such a valuable tool, especially as dealers are getting so much better, collecting email addresses and knowing how easy it is to market to those people.

We will definitely open it up, if anybody has any questions, you could reach out to their 22 squared field members, we know that eleads has a great staff throughout the territory, the dealerships are all working, your staff is going to be more than eager to help the dealers, look at these lists and download these lists, David is excellent, thank you.

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