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Employee Engagement

Description: The article talks about the topic on employee. The idea refers to employee engagement. The author covers how you create an environment where people take responsibility for their own engagement, he will be engaged when the company does something for him to take responsibility for the engagement.

A few years ago, I went to a presentation with a large group of HR professionals, three of the top human resource leaders in the world, three chief HR officers from three of the biggest companies in the world were asked they were challenged to do a presentation on the topic of employee engagement.

These were obviously very smart and very dedicated people and they did their homework, what do they come up with? What leads to increased employee engagement rewards recognition training empowerment great leaders?

How did they come up with a standard list of things that would be almost impossible to argue with, these are very smart people, their ideas made sense, then they said something, it was puzzling, they said something about the employee engagement around the world, around the globe.

I started thinking, if everybody knows how to improve engagement and everyone has known this for thirty years and we’ve been measuring it for 30 years, why is employee engagement near an all-time low, maybe this stuff is not always working.

Then I realized something when a hundred percent of the dialogue about employee engagement was what the company can do to engage you, absolutely zero percent was what you can do to engage yourself.

I’m an American, I can be loader than you are, can remember a speech when I was young made by John Kennedy and had a famous line, ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, 100 percent of the dialogue on employee engagement.

I’m not exaggerating, 100 percent was what can the company do to engage you, zero percent is what you can do to engage yourself, it was all the opposite of the John Kennedy speech.

I’m sitting here thinking about it, I’m thinking about what these people are missing a point, I think this goes back to something, that’s very deep in our Western culture, I will be happy when I get the money, the status, the BMW, the condominium.

When I get this, I will be happy, this is the Great Western message and it’s supported by what I call the Great Western art form, what is the right Western art form? This is something you’ve seen in your life, probably millions of times, it’s always the same story, the story sounds like this, there is a person, the person is sad, they spend money to buy product and they become happy, this is called a commercial.

Have you ever seen one of those before the message is always the same? It’s not in here, it’s out there, I will be happy when the reality is that lottery winners have been studied to death.

When someone wins the lottery within three years, they’re not much happier than they were to start with what’s been learned, as happiness doesn’t come from the outside, most of happiness comes from the inside.

The great employee engagement myth is that the employees will be engaged win when we give them this program, when we do this process, they will be engaged win, that’s partially true, I mean better leaders lead to more engagement and better recognition leads to more engagement.

The reality is also though it, a lot of employee engagement doesn’t come from the outside, a lot of employee engagement comes from the inside and one of the things that I want to talk about is how you create an environment where people take responsibility for their own engagement, I will be engaged when the company does something for me to take responsibility for their own engagement.

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