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What Is An Employee?

Description: The following passage is mainly designed to focus on the topic with the key word of employee. The author is willing to talk about a simple and basic concept which is employee. It is a part of our daily lives. We will see a complete new definition of what that means.

Welcome to another episode of the future in five, my name is jacob Morgan, this is where I share my thoughts, ideas and commentary on the future work in five minutes or less.

Today I wanted to talk about a concept, that is simple and very basic that many of us don’t pay attention to even though it is a part of our daily lives for most of us, that is this idea of what an employee is, now in doing research on my first book or my second book on the future of work, the orange book, I thought it would be interesting to look up the word employee in the dictionary along with a couple of other words.

If you are to look at the word employee in the dictionary, you will find that the definition is basically somebody that does work for pay, if you look up synonyms for the word employee, you’ll find that actual synonyms for the word employee are cog servant and slave.

So it begs the question of trying to understand what an employee is today, when you think about the future of work, what an employee is a cog, a servant, a slave, so oftentimes, when I work with organizations, I like to ask them a very basic question that is what is an employee at this company, how do you define an employee? What is anybody that works here?

So I think organizations need to start thinking differently around, what an employee is will be like this, we start to see things like the employee experience, we start to see things like globally connected and distributed, we’re starting to see things like freelancers emergent.

That’ll mix the definition, so it is worth sitting down where your team or if you’re an employee and organization sitting down with your managers and thinking about who you are, why you’re there.

So I think we should redefine the basic definition of what an employee is, some want to work in an organization, that doesn’t necessarily need to work there, somebody that wants to be a part of an organization that has similar values and beliefs, that wants to have a great employee experience.

It’s somebody that is globally distributed yet connected, it could be somebody that is working from multiple companies at the same time, that’s very different than having this mentality of a cog, it’s very different.

An employee is also somebody that contributes their ideas and their feedback and to shape how the organization works, how it operates and how these employee experiences are created and that is very different than thinking of a cog, a slave, servant or somebody that shows up to get a paycheck.

That is how our organizations have been built with this idea that an employee is an expendable cog and today we’re seeing a complete new definition of what that means, but we have to need to sit down on their teams and think about that.

The reason why this is so important is that today the war for talent has never been more fierce and in order for us to be able to attract and retain people to come work with us, we need to treat them differently and we need to think about things differently and that is why employee engagement and innovation and engagement and empowerment and health and wellness and all these different types of programs and ideas are starting to get implemented by organizations.

But we can’t implement and talk about these things unless we start with the basics of what an employee is, who these people that are walking around our offices are or who the people that were working with you are.

How do you think about these people that are a part of your organization? I think that is what we need to start with, it’s especially an important conversations for chief human resource officer as chief executives and people that are running that kind of HR function limit organizations.

So I think it’s certainly worth exploring, what is an employee curious to hear what you think, leave me a comment below and I will respond, if you want to get access to more episodes of the videos or the podcast, you can visit the future organization dot-com.

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I’m going to start doing some interesting things with companies in the coming weeks, so having said that again, back in your court, what is an employee? I will see you next time at an episode of the future in five.

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