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What Is Employee Experience?

Description: The key word of the article is about employee. We can see another passage from the future in five mainly to show us the concept of employee experience. We will learn three experiential things that make up every single employee experience at every company around the world.

Welcome to another episode of the future in five, my name is Jacob Morgan, this is where I share my thoughts, ideas and commentary on the future of work in five minutes or less, I’ve done several articles and graphics and posts about designing employee experiences.

But I realize I haven’t done a video on this topic, so I thought that’s exactly what I’ll do now, before I get into what employee experience is, let me first talk about why I think this is such an important and fascinating topic most organizations today focus purely on one aspect of organizational change.

Culture engagement is all about culture, the surveys that are created are all around culture and that is perhaps one tiny part of employee experience, but it’s not all of employee experience.

So I define employee experience as a combination of three distinct environments within any organization regardless of the industry regardless of the size, regard less of the geographic location of where this organization is, there are three things that make up every single employee experience at every company around the world.

The first one is the technological environment, these are the actual tools that employees use to get their jobs done these, this includes the user experience, user interface, the mobile devices, the desktop computers are using the apps, anything related to technology falls into that technological category.

The tools that employees are using to get their jobs done is your organization, providing tools that are beautiful and modern and relevant and are allowing employees to get their jobs done in the way that they want them to get done. It’s the first environment.

Now the second environment, number two is the physical environment, this is what you see around, what you can touch and taste and smell and breathe in, but you can see this is the open floor plan or the cubicles where that’s hanging on the walls, the dogs that come into the office, the people that are around you, the catered meals that your organization might provide.

The physical space is quite literally, what happens when you walk into the front door of your organization? This is quite crucial, because we spend most of our times inside of organizations, the physical environment makes a big difference on how we communicate, how we collaborate and how we feel.

If we want to be engaged, inspired, the physical space makes a big difference, that’s one that organization often neglect and forget about.

The third environment that all organizations need to focus on is the one that is the most famous and most known cultural environment, this is how employees feel inside their organization.

This is the vibe that they get, this includes everything from organizational structure to leadership style to compensation and benefits anything that creates that kind of vibe within the organization.

So that is the employee experience physical space culture and technology, it’s not one out of those three, it’s not two out of those three, it’s all three of those things organizations have historically focused on one maybe two of those things.

I think the future of what we’re evolving into is focusing on all three experiential organizations. I think that’s how we truly create an environment where people want to show up.

For me, that’s what employee experience comes down to, it’s challenging the one big assumption, we’ve always had around work and that people need to work there, so when we assume, people need to work there, we give them the bare bones the utility that they need to get their jobs done, a phone, a desk, a computer, that’s enough.

There’s no focus on engagement innovation inspiration, none of that stuff matters, but now that we live in a world where the war for talent has never become more fierce, organizations have to shift their mentality from creating a place where they assume people need to be there to create a place where people naturally want to be there and this shift from utility to experience, from need to want.

Employee experience is all about the three ways to create that focus on culture, focus on technology, focus on physical space, not one, not two, but all three of those things.

Leave me a comment below, I’m going to be spending a lot of time exploring this topic and creating models and frameworks and doing research around this, so you’ll see much more both in terms of podcasts and videos and articles and graphics and all sorts of fun stuff in the coming weeks and months.

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