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First Visit To Adidas Employee Store

Description: The article is about Adidas employee store. The content refers to the author’s first time to visit Adidas employee store, he will introduce some products and the surroundings there especially some special things such as the giant size Adidas superstar, they wander around the retailer store and buy something for their son.

My name is Brian, today we are at the Adidas employee store here in Portland Oregon, this campus is large with multiple buildings that cover both sides of streets, there is a bridge here, you can go to the other side without having to cross the street to get into the Adidas store.

It is fairly easy, a lot more easier than the Nike employee store, all you got to do is to get this path here which is fairly common, if you live in Portland, you get to hand it out through businesses and corporations, I got mine, thanks to my sister who works for the hospital here in town.

When you get in there, ask you to see that past and you can come in with an unlimited number of guests, but obviously, at the end, you would all have to put all your stuff together to make one payment.

Here’s another view of the bridge here that we use to cross the street, when you look up, Google searches that D, this employee store, this giant size Adidas superstar, here is what shows up and what catches my eye, I could not wait to see it, so this is the first thing we want to look for and give you a better perspective how big this shoe is.

I am 6 foot tall, that’s how big that shoe is, thank you to my wife for filming that part there, now here is the the heel of the shoe and there is the tongue and I’m not sure what it is made of, I did knock on it, it did feel like fiberglass.

Here was a building that we saw that was a gym, towards the back of the campus, they had a tennis court here and there was also a field there, I wasn’t sure what type of sport they played on, I assume soccer, but at the time we were there, there was a rugby team that was practicing and they had a giant-sized pair of Adidas cleats there towards the bottom of the campus.

They had a basketball court, one thing that was different about the Adidas employees store versus Nike is that everything inside the store is still marked at their full retail and it gets deducted 50% off at checkout at Nike.

It’s already pre reduced at 50% for the stuff that you could get at that price and obviously, I think the ultra boost were still at retail, but everything else was 50% off, my wife and I went, but we mainly went there to look at stuff for our kids, so we did not get many pick ups, we did pick up some stuff for my son, we got him some Sambas t-shirts and joggers.

Here’s a pair of drugs that I wanted for myself, but I forgot to pick them up something about those joggers with the zipper at the bottom that I love and they also had a methine hoodie to go with it.

I had marked in my head to grab this, but many people regard it as part of a bad idea to go on a Saturday, why did he pick this up here about Portland Trail Blazer t-shirt to wear to the next game, we wanted to grab a pair of these tees Superman Adidas or Spider Man.

I’m sorry, it is Spider Man Adidas, but they did not have any in his size, unfortunately, as I said, we picked them up some Sambas instead, I myself wanted to get some kicks, but these caught my eyes, but not enough to make me grab them.

They also had the dealer’s here, I wanted this, but my wife was hesitant on me getting it, because I’ve been picking up tons of sneakers lately, they also had these sneaker balls about a few of these to help fight odor.

These were some of the supernovas and ultra booze, I definitely need that in my collection and these are the spring blades, thank you, please hit that thumbs up button and subscribe and stay tuned, because we picked up the memory of my Air Trainer cruise and I’m going to be picking up the master 12 tears soon, so please stay tuned until next time, let’s head outside.

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