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How I Get Adidas Employee Store Passes

Description: The article below contains the idea with the topic of adidas employee store. The author posted two Adidas employees store passes, he was going to tell us how he got these and explain the reasons and some more details about the functions of the passes.

I’m Brian and thank you for tuning in on my Instagram, I posted these two employees store passes on my stories and I feel you hit me up asking me whether they can come with me or how I get these and I thought I’d do a quick little video for that.

Don’t follow me on instagram, please check me out at Brian on the beat, first and foremost, the adidas employees store is here in Portland Oregon off North Greely Avenue, there are a couple of passes as far as I know a couple of different types of passes.

First and foremost, if you don’t work for adidas, you have to either work for an affiliate company of Adidas or know someone that does and buy affiliate, I’m not sure if that’s even the right word, maybe partner, I don’t know.

For example, there are companies such as where my sister works is for the local hospital here in Portland, they get adidas employee store passes to their email very often, they never know the exact date, they randomly get it.

Some companies or businesses around town get these passes here, the passes are different, the passes are like double D, this is one of double D’s from last month in June, his adidas employee store passes, my sister gets the same one as well.

They get these randomly sent to their email, the only stipulation with their passes is exclusively for that company, so an employee of that company must go with you and they have to bring their employee badge or a pay stub.

As I mentioned, they have valid dates, this one was from June 13th until June 29th and he could go unlimited within that period of time, he has to print multiple copies of this out, he can go every day during that period if he wants to.

The store is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. now with this pass, it allows up to a maximum of five person with the employee, so this one, you have to plan around the employee that works for the company.

A different path is the one like the big shout out to my co-worker Travis who picks me up one of these from a local business, these passes are a lot different, you don’t have to go with any employer or any affiliate, it’s for one person, that’s the only difficult thing.

All you do is on the bat, you fill out your name and information and it has to match the ID and the name and information on the back here, you must match the ID, I put my name and information on here to lock this up, nobody could steal this and try to go, because their ID wouldn’t match, these are cool, because you don’t have to go with a single employee and wait to go ahead and you go anytime you want.

This pass expires on August 31st, so I have a teller in the next month to go to the adidas employee store, hopefully, this answers a lot of your questions, if you do have any more questions, please leave it in a comment section below, I will do my best to answer it.

I am thinking about his next pass, he gets from his company, we were thinking of doing some giveaway, it allows up to five people to go, so it’ll be double D, three other people were thinking of doing some sort of giveaway where we would let three of you watch.

Come with us to the adidas employees store, that would probably be cool to get together a little event we could do, we’re still debating on whether we want to do that or not, let us know if you want to do it in the comment section below.

Hopefully, this video answers a lot of your questions, if not, please ask me in a comment section below, if you like this video, please give it a thumbs up, if you are new to the channel, don’t forget to subscribe, this is my first time seeing the 90 317 in hand up close, there’s definitely a lot of boost on this shoe and the shoe retails for 180 bucks.

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