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I Got Into The Secret Adidas Employee Store

Description: The article below has the main idea on the famous topic we are always discussing today which is related to adidas employee store. The author has been to Portland for the first time and walked into a secret adidas employee store, he was going to share some details with us talking about the things he got.

Good morning, everybody, we’re in Portland Oregon, I’ve never been to Portland before, this is my first time, I think this is my first time in the state of Oregon, so hello everybody, today you are the cadets, get ready for a fire blog.

Today I’m going to do something that I’ve wanted to do for a very long time, I’m stoked to go here like one of the biggest things, I wanted to do while I was here, I’m going to do it, so come with me, be a part of the squad nasha subscribe button.

Let’s get into the day, let’s hit it, how’s it going? Thank you, have a good one, so the second part of the story is that I sent out this tweet, you saw if anyone can get me in, please let me know.

I’m trying to go to the employee store, you all have a pass for you bro, meet me here, never meet in my life, so I’m going to meet him here, try to find him, I think I found him, I think that’s my dude there, it’s my boy nursery, he’s the plug now.

We’re going to get into the Adidas store, they have a turf field, I’m obviously a soccer freak, they have a turf field, you can shoot around, there’s also a soccer player, so it’s going well, but this is dope, we’re on the grounds.

I’m a fan boy for sure, I’m going to ddos fanboy Aidid, if you want to work together, please slide into the DMS, please sign into the email, I’m dumb, but seriously look at adidas logos on everything, we got big cleats, blue buildings, I don’t know, cool stuff.

I’m going to kick the soccer ball around for a little bit and then head into this store and see if we can find some gems, we did a penalty shootout on his channel, I definitely lost, but it’s all good, I’m giving my sea legs back.

As you saw the facilities, I mean pretty dope playing on the adidas, but not about to hit the employee store rumor, it has everything in, here is half off, so I might have to walk out of here.

There are some big bags, but I don’t know, we’ll have to see what the selection is looking like in there and no tax in Oregon, this might be a very lucrative journey here inside the adidas employee store, here is half off all the shoes, Dan Smith ultra boost, you name it all half.

So I’ve been walking around the store for literally the last half hour like drooling, like knowing that all of this stuff is not only half off, but in Oregon, no tax, so I’m sweating 30 bucks, 40 bucks, brand-new shoes 50 bucks, ultra boost hundred bucks.

So I’m going to grab a big bag and throw it all in my only dilemma that I come over here, so I’m going to carry for the rest of my day huge bags around, I’m getting much stuff from McKenzie, because how can you pass it up when you’re here?

It’s like how many times you are, the fact you start, all I do this at fall, I love great deals here, that’s what I’m saying, I ran up a check here, this bag is full of a poppin adidas, McKenzie got hooked up, I got hooked up, I wish I lived in Portland, we killed it bro big bags.

I’m saying you cop some stuff as well, I like that, there’s Nike 36, we killed it, it was a big bag, so I’m going to be a tourist walking around my big shopping bag full of adidas gear with the camera.

I’m a super tourist, I appreciate Gang Gang, I keep killing it, I love it, the sense of community out here, it’s so strong, people help people, I’m a firm believer in people helping people, I shot that tweet out.

I’ll get you in the soil, so now I’m going to explore a little bit more in them, I don’t even know what my day holds and hopefully, I don’t have too many shopping bags to be productive anymore.

Let’s see what’s nice, all my uber drivers had four point nine stars which is rare for uber drivers, but they’ve all been like 4.9 star worthy every star, everyone’s been takeaways from Portland, it’s a lot like Seattle, two people are nice, you cannot beat half.

I need a story, I know those are three takeaways, but I’m still adventuring, so there might be more takeaways, I don’t know, but I name my journey now, so bear with me, I’m getting back to my hotel now, do some shopping this morning, I want to go over my purchases, because I didn’t shop in the store, I was in there like throwing stuff into a bag.

So I’m going to show you what I got, I apologize in advance, because the lighting is in, we’re in Portland, it’s gloomy and there’s one window, I’m going to show you what I got for myself.

I got three pairs of sweatpants and gold stripe adidas soccer sweat, here’s what they look like when boom, they’re gold, I mean fire buyer nextly, I switched up the game on them and got some baby blue track pants, these are next level.

This is the baby blue sweater, I don’t know, I had to get him up stoked to them, they’re fire and lastly I got army green to match the m2, obviously, another pair of pants, these are like swishy, these might be my favorite ones, switch the game up on them with these ones.

I’m saying good purchases all for half these for 20 bucks, but I got a lot more stuff for McKenzie, check this out, she’s going to love it, I’m not going to try these ones on, but first of all, black hoodie, I mean adult self-explanatory sick athletic material, you know thumbhole cool says ideas on shoulder to go with that adidas leggings.

This parts see through here around your knees, I got her some fire, because I get hook my girl up with it, these are dope and Indies seen them a couple of times on the Internet, I thought the day we’re sick, but with some of these, you need something to go with it, so adidas hoodie to go with the shoes, the color tones aren’t perfect, but they’re close.

So I hooked myself up, I hooked her up, we’re going to be looking stylish when I got her, one more surprise from a different store that I’m going to keep a surprise for you as well.

But I’ll show you her reaction to all of it when night has fallen, I don’t be with Mackenzie after she got out of work, I haven’t told you this and I didn’t even know if this is going to happen today.

So I didn’t say anything about it, but I’m going to that Nike employee store, so I’ve hit both competitors in one day adidas earlier, she’s plugging on my blog, I went adidas and it cashed out for you, I got you a bunch of cool stuff which I’ve showed everyone.

I’ve shown everyone, you haven’t seen it that you’re going to be stoked, we’re going to see what we can find here and then we’re going to go out for a lovely dinner on the town by a lovely dinner, a big bowl of ramen noodles, not like the cheap one, because he’s been feeling off.

I think I mentioned it in yesterday’s vlog, now he’s been feeling off, so it’s like a noodle soup and we also love, it when we’re not sick to McKenzie, we’re in a wonderland, I see you already have a cart, because you’re expecting a lot of bags here saying I’m tired and we walk in a Nike store.

She’s full of life like what’s going on, can I buy their sports bras and one rack at a time. I’m going to split up, this could get vicious, I’ll see you in four hours, I’m getting it closed in two hours, we’re going to do an hour power of shopping in here knowing how good the discounts are.

Then I try to keep you updated on what I get, I think I’m going to get shoes here, thank you so much, McKenzie, carry a huge bag out here, I got another huge bag, we’re good on athletic stuff forever.

Now we’re going to a glorious dinner, I almost forgot to record our glorious dinner, because we were so hungry, but we got ramen very cute, great job, because I always get ramen work together, it doesn’t matter what city it is, it doesn’t matter, the circumstances don’t matter.

We’re going to get robbed a little more together, it’s big, we should have that at our wedding as the meal ramen, no one has something like salmon filets and like traditional dishes, we serve everyone a piping hot bowl of ramen like this big one.

I was wondering if you have picked that up, so are you down? I figure there’s no better way, I mean every time you can take some time to think about it if you need to, it could be cool one day if we cross that bridge together.

Never mind. I’m sorry, I said anything would be fine, this is going too far, I needed to stop mother and I’m not ahead, I lost something, you’re wondering about the reasons.

Here’s the deal we got back last night and we were so excited to try on all of the stuff we bought, that’s why I totally apologize, but now it is the next day, the same day you’re watching, it’s probably hours before you’re watching this.

I’m back to Los Angeles spoiler, it feels good, I’m still on the airplane, so I’m filming another fire blog for you to see that, but thank you so much for your time spent in today’s vlog which was crazy, I went to the adidas employees to our Nike and Play Store and spent too much money at both which was better Nikes with bigger adidas.

I like it more, it’s a kind of the toss-up either way, I bought a bunch of cool stuff, I’m going to show you in tomorrow’s vlog about what I got at Nike, so make sure you watch tomorrow, make sure you subscribe and become a cadet cop yourself some of that hot merch boy if Android backslash cave.

I’m dropping a new piece in a couple of days for you, so stay tuned for that, I know all of you love to comment below, I should do more to continue doing, because I read all the comments, so comment below, please subscribe, because it’s only getting better.

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