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New Adidas Employee Store Was Dope

Description: The following article mainly centers on showing the information about adidas employee store. The author is going to show you some random pickups and is willing to share something that is related to the adidas employ Star Hall.

I wanted to show you some pickups that I recently picked up and basically I wanted to show you this here though the adidas employ Starr Hall and hopefully you enjoy the random pickups.

Let’s go ahead and see what is going on, you have collective kicks calm, if you want to shop this week’s top sneaker deals, check that link in the description, so I apologize to you for no top-five Tuesday video.

Today I did not get enough time to record one, because I went to Sundance over the last four days in Utah for my wife’s brother’s wedding, Harrison was suited and booted, he didn’t wear a suit, but he wore a button-up and a tie and he wore his easy pyar blacks, it was fun, that is the reason why I didn’t have a top-five Tuesday this week.

But check back next week for top 5 Tuesday and today I wanted to show you some random pick ups, I did have this from the other week that I never showed you, but this is a supreme board and you could see it’s the one that says supreme here.

I don’t know much about this artist, honestly, I liked this board and it was like one of the only ones that I was able to get, I basically got this for my kids, so for those that follow my Instagram in Twitter, it’s add Hess kicks.

I mentioned it and showed you pictures, but I’m going to basically be building my kid a board, this is the board and then I ended up getting some hardware from supreme here for the rest.

So you’ll notice I ended up getting two sets of everything except for the board, so I’m trying to be building a board for him and a board for me and we have some supreme independent trucks here.

Some people like them, why are you doing that? I always love skateboarding when I was a kid, Tony Hawk pro skater was one of my favorite games, I loved playing that game, I enjoyed skateboarding.

In fact, Tony Hawk, one of the best things about that game to me, was the bales at the end of the game, so if you ended up beating the game shoutout to anybody that remembers this and leave some thumbs up or some love in the comments section, if you do, if you beat Tony Hawk pro skater, then they had a bails section at the end of the video which basically was a bunch of skaters that will wreck basic.

It was dope to watch for some reasons, I love that game and I loved skateboarding, I wasn’t very good at skateboarding, I did have a crappy deck when I was a kid, so you know what I want to make a fun deck for my kid and give him something fun to start out with.

So I ended up buying the board, the trucks and then two sets of wheels, this one’s going to probably be for my board, because it’s a lot smaller, the red ones are 51 mm and there are Spitfire wheels and then these ones are the 58 mm.

So basically I was going to go super-high beast, so this is my kid and let him have a supreme board, why would you do that? It’s so dumb, it’s such a waste, but it’s funny, he doesn’t care.

Obviously, he will never care and in a day, it’s fun for me to be able to live vicariously through the little dude, so that’s all.

Next pick up that, I end up getting from kit, this is a crazy t-shirt man, I saw this and this is wild, it’s like tie-dyed and I lucked out and ended up getting this one, I love trying to get the kit Monday drops.

I got a handful here and this was the one that I ended up getting, it’s weird in hand, you could see the treatment on this shirt, look at that, that’s crappy of that quality of this stitching bra, you could see it says a double XL, they said on this, because the XL sold out, I went back in and read the description and it said that these came preshrunk, so you have to size down or size up.

So it’s a six, I always get that wrong size up or down, so it’s said if you’re an XL, you need a double XL, but crazy-looking, a cloud tie-dye of the shirt and I was dude, this is cool, I might as well get this ended up pulling trigger and copping this one.

I copped some of the other kids, shirts that ended up dropping more recently as well, so I’m excited about that, but this quality control Mr. Keith what happened here, look at that, the labels are falling off bro, that’s not good, look for $65 bro, I’m going to tag you on gram, I’m going to tag you on Twitter and see if he replies.

I doubt if he will do that, but I love their shirts, I usually think they’re quality at that, that’s unfortunate team rejuvenated, this is dope, check this out, so they sent if you didn’t know, I’m an advocate for the brand rejuvenator is my sponsor that I run with.

It’s definitely a company that I recommend you could save 10% off your entire order with code Hess kicks ten and the link to shop at rejuvenator is always in the description of every video that I have.

But they sent me this crazy heavy care package and I’ll show you what they sent, so note from Katy, shout out to Katy for sending this care package, my way summer picked me up from her and look at this dude so much stuff, this is insane, so they sent extra brushes which is always great to have the stiff bristles.

Obviously, the best for soles and then the soft bristle is definitely better for suede and mesh and stuff like that, so you can definitely see the difference, they definitely do serve different purposes.

I highly recommend you to get different brushes for the different types of stuff that you use, sometimes a toothbrush works, but sometimes you need a tougher bristle to get that extra tough dirt, that’s stuck on the bottom of the shoes.

Then sometimes, the toothbrush is too rough for the tops of the shoes, so it is definitely nice to have some versatility essential for me, I’m going to throw this into my work bag, I use these all the time.

When I wear a pair of sneakers that I haven’t worn for a while, if they’re a little bit dirty, microfiber towel is always a plus and be able to dry down the shoes and they sent a bunch of them, three of them, the water and stain repellent great to protect your sneakers with.

They also have a pump spray, if you don’t like, this stuff is awesome and I need to use it more often, honestly, some of my sneakers, some of my kids, sneakers smell LTE and I need to use this to clean them up so excited to give that a go.

This is probably my favorite thing, if you are new to their site, this is the thing that I recommend, it gives you five easy steps to be able to clean the sneakers.

Honestly, the sneaker is the best chance for a cleaning, because it comes with shoe trees, it comes with the cleaner, the brush and then a laundry bag, so you can clean it with a brush and then throw it in the laundry bag and then wash it in the washing machine.

It preserves the shoes as well, this is a great thing, in fact, I’m going to give away this and the water and stain repellent, so all three of these and Excel throw in a micro fiber towel as well.

I’m going to give away all these to one of you, leave a comment, any comment that you want, maybe hit the thumbs up button, if you would like to do that on the video, leave the hashtag Hess kicks X rejuvenator and I’ll leave the instructions in the description for you to enter that.

Then I’ll choose a winner in two days, sometimes I do giveaways and it sucks, because I choose winners and then they never contact me which is always a bummer, sometimes, we’re doing it, because I’ll give somebody a product that they want.

So shout out to rejuvenator and katie, you make some cool stuff and I’m definitely proud to be a part of the team, the last pickup that I got for you is the adidas employee star haul. I wanted to share this with you, this is crazy, because the new adidas employee store location in Portland Oregon is in the same exact building.

So I go downstairs and it’s in the second floor of my building, I’m lucky enough that I have good friends that can help me out and get me into this store, some of the things that I ended up picking up tiró 17 pants 45 retail and they were half price, this is like a dark gray color way.

If you can’t tell from the camera and it has the white stripes, if you haven’t tried the turo pants, I’ll link them in a description, they’re usually on sale for thirty thirty-five dollars and these things are mega tapered, they’re lightweight great for spring and summer time and a great looking pair of pants for sneakers.

I wear them a lot of times when I do Dita’s videos and boom, we have three boxes and we have an ultra boost and this is one I’m going to do a review on, it’s a pair that I’ve wanted to get and I haven’t got them yet, I’ve been waiting to get them at the employee store.

I got them like a year later, it’s the adidas ultra boost ST and this is the updated version of the ST from the ones that I have three different pairs of these, I swear by the STS especially for wider feet, I don’t know, it’s because I have a flatter foot or whatever style of foot that I have.

It is a perfect match for me and this colorway is fire to me, because it’s all gray and has that little hits of mint, it’s a clean looking shoe and I love the way these look on feet and more importantly, I love the way they feel box price says 200, but they rung up at 2:10 and I caught that.

Then they ended up honoring the Box price of 200, so it was a hundred dollars after all is said and done, but these things are dope, sometimes I like to pay full price for some of my sneakers, so I can get them early other times, I like to sit and wait patiently.

Then when I get them, I am stoked especially if I can get them under retail in situations like this, I’m geeked up about it, I did not think I’d ever buy another pair of drops, because I didn’t think they were the most comfortable shoes on the planet.

But then I got this pair, because I walked by it twice and then I had to walk back, I loved what they did with this colorway, it’s so crazy, how they did the straight lines down here in the midsole.

Then you have the mesh all over the place and then you have the straight lines across this way and then you have the mesh overlay on top, but it’s like a rainbow print and obviously, this is the pride collection.

As you could see, the multiple rainbow type colors across the logo which I think they did a great job on that too, I love the fact that this is a pride you and I can dig the cause, but it’s also one that you could wear and people won’t even know that, it’s for that, I like the fact that the colors are off-white.

I’m going to do it full detailed review these to come, if you want to see that video, leave a comment in the comment section, if you want to see me remove the mesh lining from this colorway specifically leave a comment and a thumbs up in this video, I will do that in a future video.

Then the following weeks, I personally want to see what this looks like, next purchase that I ended up getting, as you can see, it says the display box price point 160 and these are the solar boost and shout out to Jordan, I believe it is his name, the adidas employee that helped me out and get this pair, because this pair was not on the shelves, this pair was in the back.

Obviously, you could see he pulled a display model for me, so I got a size 10, I tried these on, because they’d only had a size 10 and 11, I think an 8 left in the back, he said, so he brought out the 10.

Let me try these ones on the 10, it fits me perfectly, because this area is snug, I already put these on and walked around in them a little bit to try to see how I like these shoes, but expect a review of the solar boost to come, because this is the new model of adidas boost that I was excited to give a try and see how this was comparative to the ultra boost and other sneakers on the market.

But those are the three pickups that I ended up getting from adidas there, thank you for stopping by and watching the video, if you are new to the channel, hit the subscribe button.

If you want to hit the thumbs up button, feel free to do so, if you want to check out any of the videos on the screen at this time, go ahead and click them, we’ll catch you for some more information.

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