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Anonymous Reveals Bank Of America Employee Secrets

Description: The article mainly focuses on the topic of bank of america employee. We will know the fact that anonymous reveals the secrets of Bank of America. Anonymous claims it has released 14 gigabytes of data that shows a Bank of America was investing in spying on hackers.

While they’re raking in the profits, they’re also battling off hackers paranoia, a group tied to the hacktivist group, Anonymous claims it has released 14 gigabytes of data that shows a Bank of America was investing in spying on hackers.

They claimed the bank employed security firms to monitor hackers and activists, paranoia says the documents show a company called tech systems, it kept a close eye on hacker forums and social media sites.

Revealing is the data and Bank of America has taken their spying too far, our D producer, Bob, English has more, what can we make of this? Peter Schiff was saying it was a good time to be a banker unless you’re Bank of America, because some unsatisfying information for them was released today.

It’s a tremendous amount of stuff to sift through, so what’s going on now? When you say tremendous amount of stuff, we’re talking 14 gigabytes, it’s digital world, that is a lot of information, what exactly did it contain?

First, it contains some rather innocuous stuff like details on corporate executive pays 200,000 of them worldwide, but also it shows how Bank of America is trolling internet sites, like Facebook and Twitter, social media chat rooms, they’re trying to collect information that would tell them the public sentiment on themselves.

Bank of America is one of them, but does the information obtained by these activist group? Does it suggest that Bank of America has gone too far? Have we gotten into an area where there are privacy concerns?

Apparently, they haven’t gone too far in terms of protecting their databases, because they were hacked into rather easily, but I think that’s probably not what you mean, they’re collecting information on the public and maybe it’s in an aggregated sense.

But they could also be using personal information in various ways, so is this anything that Bank of America customers should be concerned about? Is this anything that you know what if I’m not a hacker, I’m not a hacktivist as it’s called, it doesn’t concern me.

What do you think? I think that here’s one scenario, let’s say that I have a bad experience at Bank of America and I put on my Facebook page or Twitter Bank of America sucks.

Then I go out to take a loan, can that information be used to make that loan decision? I don’t know, but Bank of America has a tremendous amount of data, now that it’s gotten from these sites and that in it might be concerning to the public.

There’s a lot of information and we don’t even know this, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what is in there, is there any indication of what exactly they’re looking for like any keywords or anything in particular that they were looking for sure?

It’s interesting, they have thousands of keywords and there’s a specialized software that was created for Bank of America to sip through this stuff and the source code was posted in this release too.

But some of these keywords are like hey, sexy lady, hey Joe, some are in Kingston, so it looks a little bit sloppy and that’s another aspect, Bank of America is probably vastly overpaid for this data that it’s collected on people.

It shows that there are a lot of data, but not all of it is useful or points to anything suspicious, that’s the thing, so when you have these situations and I’d like to get back to where it was released, it was found in an open server in Tel Aviv.

The significance of that is why this information would as vast treasure trove of data, be openly accessible someplace and that it is another security concern, it calls into question, the group wanted to make it clear that this was not a hack that this was something that they obtained.

So when you think about hacking, you think you have to forge passwords, you have to hack through it, but this was sitting there and unfortunately that’s symptomatic of the way.

A lot of big companies treat their data and there was another incidence with Stratford, a security consulting firm and anonymous hacked them, so the data are out there and it’s ready for people to take.

Unfortunately, you know customer data could be exploited the same way, we don’t know at this point, it makes you wonder this is the information that was obtained by this group, that’s affiliated with Anonymous.

But how much does it go on aside from Bank of America? Do the other big banks do it? What do the companies do? It raises these other questions and all the big companies are concerned about their self image.

So if Bank of America is doing it, the other big banks are doing it, other big corporations are doing it, there are a lot of privacy concerns there, thanks for that, Bob, that was our producer Bob.

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