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Former Bank Of America Agent Employee Exposes Shady Practices

Description: The article has the topic on bank of america employee. In this article, the former agent who worked for seven months for a third-party vendor that does phone support customer service in Bank of America will expose some shady practices to educate the cardholders because the bank decides to run business.

Thank you for calling credit card claim, this call may be reported, please hold on, while your palm is being transferred, we apologize for the delay, the call is important to us, we are experiencing higher than normal wait times, please continue to hold in, an associate will be with you as soon as possible.

My name is Patrick and today’s video is about the last job that I was hoping, I’d worked for approximately seven months for a third-party vendor that does phone support customer service for Bank of America, now that company’s name is called advance call center technology.

I’m not going to give any other information about that place than we took calls mostly for Bank of America did take calls for other companies, but the division that I worked in it was solely Bank of America.

The reason for my video areas, there are two parts of this, I was fired for hanging up on somebody, because they were using Jesus’s name as a cuss word, I was more than pleased to tell the woman that was the Operations Manager, I’m not putting up with that, I don’t care how much you catch me.

But if you’re going to catch me at Jesus’s name, click I’m not putting up with it, there’s a person that wants to act that belligerent, they don’t want to be helped, they won’t be a nuisance, but I’m all that Assad, like I said, I no longer work there, so I can go ahead and tell you how I was working.

My work for Bank of America and the credit card Department not collections, but when you have a charging, a credit card, you need to do followed a speeder and better known as a charge back.

Then I was one of the jurors, she talked to you on the phone, this place is so hard and ridiculous to work for that, there were 27 people in my training class and only about ten and I think it was made it to the actual call floor.

Then I went there, there were only three more remaining, the place is a revolving door, now let’s go ahead and take a look, we are at Craigslist, let’s go here to find jobs, look up a CT and then we clicked on an advanced call center technology ad and their rapidly growing in the tri-cities are one of the largest employers in the region and add an additional 200 positions in the next six months.

It’s going to be hard to add those positions, if they don’t get the current ones that they have already filled, now the problem with what they hire is that I did mention that they did employ two felons to my knowledge, but the other type of people, if they hire, they don’t require drug screening.

Now you sign a paper saying that you submit to one, but that’s only in the event that you have an accident or you fall out of your seat and then the managers have to do well, that’s because that’s the type of people that work there, they are mostly peel heads and drunks.

You don’t want these types of people messing with your account information, it’s 8 bucks an hour, if you work overtime, you get better pay, that’s why they only pay you $8 an hour, because they want to work your hot off typically.

What I was working was anywhere between 55 and 59 hours a week, which would get me about 980 dollars or so, now it is the set part of that, that’s what most call floor supervisors make around that figure.

I talked to several and come to find out they don’t make squat, I’m not going to bash on the people that I worked with and some supervisors are easier to get along with.

If you’re going to get a job there at a CT, I would strongly advise you to make sure it’s down to office politics, because you will get singled out and harassed non-stop and for the women that go there, you had better get ready to be hounded by most of the men, because that place is nothing, but drama-filled.

Another thing I found out from working there from my actual supervisor told me that if you have the parking pass for a CT in the window of your car and you’re pulled over by the police department, that’s an automatic search, because that place is so well-known for druggies.

If you put that on your car, go ahead and look and make sure that you don’t have any of that, another thing that I find particularly heinous that the place does that, I couldn’t agree with the period when somebody says they didn’t use their credit cards, I’m wearing it was swap at Walmart.

The back office department told me that if they got in, if they got a signature, it did not matter if it’s some little squiggly mark or if it’s the way that the cardholder makes their signature that they believe that to be a signature and they no longer mess with a dispute.

After that, the cardholder has to jump through all kinds of Hoops to get them to look and verify that the signature did not belong to the cardholder, I’ve heard from multiple back office agents that were friends of mine that told me more than 3/4 of the disputes that we filed were always turned back to the customer.

The claim was denied, it’s awful, some of the money that people had to pay out because of the policies, Bank of America decided that they were going to run their business and this is why I felt the need to make videos to educate the cardholder that look the banks are taking advantage of you.

They also instruct the call center agents not to fully explain policies and things to you to hurry up and show you off the phone, for instance, there’s the card Act of 2010 which requires the cardholder to contact the merchant.

Before they can contact the bank for a resolution, the bank says don’t explain that stuff to them, tell them to call the merchant, the bank’s attitude towards its customers is this, we will only tell them exactly and precisely what the law requires us to tell them everything else.

They’re going to have to educate themselves, I’m going to help educate the cardholder as to how the bank is trying to bend you over and pull a fast one on you, so they can provide you with minimal support and get those charges to stick.

So those of you that do carry a balance on your credit card are going to incur some interest charges and one other thing with squash I get tired of, I’ve gotten so sick of hearing card holders tell me how there’s such a great card holder in a customer, because they always pay their credit card off in full.

The bank doesn’t care anything about you, it doesn’t matter if it is your credit limit, one hundred fifty thousand dollars, it doesn’t matter the bank if you’re paying no interest, they’re not making anything off you and the bank views you as a moocher, because all they care about is the depositing accounts.

If you have a large bank account with them, that negates what I said, but as far as on the credit card line goes, if you’re not paying any interest, then you’re not paying anything, that’s right, so the people do pay a lot of interest, because they carry a balance.

When I was on the phone, I was happy to help a person that was having to pay all that user and somebody that threw at my face, I’m paying my bills on time and let me go ahead, clue you on something else.

Bank of America is a big-time wire, if you have a fidelity investments credit card, its serviced impact by Bank of America and as well as Merrill Lynch, that will make people very angry to find out that people like me and my Bank of America call Center was serviced in their Merrill Lynch accounts.

Recently about two months ago, Merrill Lynch got their own call center, it was called the GW by M and we had a transfer of Merrill Lynch customers to there which was awesome with me, because we had to bend over for Merrill Lynch customers and do anything to satisfy those people even if it included been dishonest with them and found frivolous credit card claims that we knew it was going to be rejected by the back office.

They were going to get a letter saying on how we couldn’t help them, because your credit card says American Express or somebody else’s name on it, there’s a thing called transparency and banks aren’t always transparent.

It depends on what the contract is with the customers, they have that provide your credit card and sometimes, it’s against the bank’s policy to tell you who we are, that’s right, Bank of America’s employees have to lie to the cardholder.

If you had a Merrill Lynch account and call this up, I could not say Bank of America or be immediately terminated for not lying, that’s right, Bank of America will fire you, if you don’t lie.

Finally, the other thing a lot of people get mad at the agent when they call Bank of America to try and get something resolved, they get mad, because the agents clueless on how to deal with it or are unable to help me.

I’ve got the simple answer to that, don’t blame the person on the phone, 95% of the time, it’s not even their fault, it’s the horrible training that they received, because that advanced call center technology is in such a hurry that they need more agents on the floor.

You get a whopping two weeks of training before you hit the floor, if you’re somebody like me who had no call center experience, that’s not a smart idea you’ll throw, they throw people out there on the floor with no idea, they do provide scripting for circumstances.

But they don’t provide you with enough scripting to understand how you need to speak to the customer, but they expect you to wing that, after the two weeks that you get the training floor, you’re in something called nesting where you’re supposed to have help.

You’re supposed to have somebody sitting with you and listening to your phone calls part of the time, I never got any side-by-side assistance and depending on which day you were talking about sitting there with your hand up with a customer on hold for an excessive five, sometimes even 10 minutes to get somebody to walk over there and tell you how you’re supposed to do your job.

When you should have been told this kind of stuff in training, it’s beyond ridiculous, I mean I will not even go there, because that was big headache and it wasn’t fair to the customer on the line.

It’s not fair to the experienced agent who gets the call from the trainee that did not do his job. Ryder told the customer something completely wrong like we could help him in a situation where we couldn’t and what I always tried to do to the person is filing a frivolous to sit dispute and treating him like a child.

We’ll get this resolved for you, I was upfront and honest with them, because I had the variables for my back office department that handled the cases and I would go ahead and tell the person what the back office department was going to do.

We wouldn’t be able to speak to claim and I always had to deal with a lot of headaches, because I wanted to treat people like an adult, not like a child, so that’s enough for this video.

I wanted to clue you bank of America credit card holders as well as other credit card holders like Merrill Lynch and fidelity investments and prudential and Melaleuca loads of other names.

Some of you didn’t realize this, the Bank of America owns your account, this doesn’t go for all of them and I didn’t work in the business card division, but in the consumer credit cards, we serviced Merrill Lynch fidelity and Prudential, he said MasterCard and American Express cards.

I appreciate you for your time, if you’re on the consumer and you have one of these credit cards, I’m not telling you what to do with your account, I’m telling you when you call one of these agents, you had better be very careful about how you deal with them, because your attitude is going to matter.

It’s not only me that was always getting these hateful calls, everybody did constantly, I understand Bank of America will turn you into a hateful person, having to deal with their products and the lack of service that you can receive.

I’ll make other videos about my experiences working at that place and as far as what the consumer can do to protect their self from both the bank and the merchant, we appreciate your patience.

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