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Random Pickups Wife Columbia Employee Store Haul Sept

Description: The article concentrates on the topic which is related to the key point of columbia employee store. We will be shown some random pickups bought by the wife from Columbia Employee Store. They show us some details about the things they have and the coats they bought from the store, mentioning something that is on sale.

We have a material in progress, I have Lola and Chloe over here chilling out, I think they would get nervous when we’re doing two things like this, someone was calling, I got wife over here and then I got me there.

Then I’m going to get 17 comments, DJ has his Asian that it’s true, I’m agent there, then my wife is here, I got some of the comments saying those, it happens every time you mix things.

Let’s go ahead and do this, so we have a random, she’s Portuguese for those, that are going to ask, because I’ll get questions, I bet your Park Portuguese and part is something else.

Let’s do this, so into Columbia employee store in beaverton oregon and got a couple of bags full of goodies and my wife starts opening some stuff and shows what we got, let’s see what we got, we got an Oregon State jacket which has fluffy little material.

Can you see how to throw it out over here? Let’s make a big old pile and then she got a vest like a fancy vest, it’s nice material and we transition to the fall, so we can do this set of things all the way.

We literally have to coat closets full coats, I have a lot of coats, I need it, I need to probably sell half of my coats, that would be awesome, there’s another jacket, let me see it up close this material.

It’s like knitted material or someone fun, she likes that one, so she ended up getting that one, so if you got three jackets, I didn’t realize you got three jackets, but put on a hat, I want to see that, this is winter, I like it and then we got some winter gloves here.

Can I see those quick 35 bucks? You get this Omnitech thing and then you also get the liner’s separate, so it’s fun cool color, we got these fancy water bottles, beaver colors, I can’t see one of them, so this is hot and cold.

Supposedly, this stuff stays hot for 12 hours, cold for 24 hours, I’ll be the judge, they weren’t on sale, we thought they were going to be on sale there, twenty-six dollars each, so they’re supposed to be half-price, that’s the thing.

So you don’t know Columbia employee store, everything’s half price supposed to be half price, but the water bottle, the water puddles, then I get it, I end up getting some man pants.

Let me see them quickly, because I like the color, the dead amonos, they looked nice, so I got a pair of these, I don’t know how much they are, let me see them, I didn’t use a tripod, I contemplated running upstairs to grab a tripod, but you don’t need a tripod for this video.

We thought that there were fifty dollars, I got myself a nice pair of yoga pants, excited about these, hopefully, they fit, those are the wife’s pants, let me see with a yes, they own this company called prime.

We had a lot of junk, then I got an Oregon State colored button up shirt for my work, because I can wear these in the office, so I have a lot, about 20 of these since I started to work, but I haven’t shown you any of them, I have so many plaid shirts, it’s ridiculous, I would showed you any of them, I don’t do any pickup.

But I’ve had literally 20 plus, this one is the last or another one I got, I like this one, this one was only thirty two dollars or something, it’s a decent, it’s a nice looking shirt, so I am not lightweight, they had sold over fifty, but I was not in the bottom, I’ll be cheap down by Goggin spent 250 on a pair of shoes, but not fifty dollars on a shirt.

Then the last is this Lessing sweet. So the last thing I got is an Oregon State, this is reflective, my honey realizes that that’s cool Oregon State logo there and boarded odd and colors, it’s nice jacket.

I think it was half price. I think it is 79, so that’s not that bad, but I needed another winter jacket and I bought another one, I didn’t need any, I didn’t need another winter jacket, I should do a jacket collection, so we went to the coast the other weekend.

I didn’t have a jacket, so I went in at north face and bop a random one, it was 50 bucks on sale, look at lolla joined, she’s happy and then close over here, she owns this casual dress, she owns this entire couch all by yourself, that’s everything.

So that’s the hall of jump, we ended up getting some of it, some of it maybe not as much, but all fun, I like a hat, we’re going to leave it here, it’s long enough, we’ll see you later.

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