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Reseller Vlogmas Columbia Employee Store And Goodwill Haul

Description: The passage is mainly intended to focus on the topic which has the key words of columbia employee store. The author is going to the Columbia store with her husband and wants to buy something because Joe needs a new jacket. They are willing to wander around in the store looking for the things they want and need to buy.

We are out of the house, mother is with Delilah, we are off to the Columbia store, because Joe needs a new jacket, so he’s been getting super, Leslie needs a new jacket and then we are going to go lunch together at a fancy place, so we’re excited with that, it should be fun, are we in the employment?

The Colombian police will be my friend, it works there, that’s on the list, so we’re very lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest, we always get to go to the employee stores 50% off of retail, so you can’t beat that, we’ll talk to you soon.

The parking lot was insane, you find what you need, that’s nice, I like it, it’s got the weld, a nice form, take it out, do you think you like that? I think so. It looks good, I don’t know, it’s on your arm over here or in the pocket, so we’re nearly 270 down to 140, which is not bad.

There are some cute Shirelles here, that’s awesome, I want to buy things that I don’t need, look at me, Joe, you should see all the crazy stuff they have down here, so it’s a Columbia Mountain Hardwear and Tyrell.

I want to find some gloves, these are all men, so let’s find the one in section, they have kid stuff, look at these documents, I want my Joe my speakers, I want a trench to go over.

Besides, how much is that one? Why did you say Adara? I think it’s like the style, Nicole wants to wear it, because it’s cozy looking, this is trying to be a Lululemon or something, look at these pants behind you, look at this.

You know the kid places here, let’s see if we can find the ILA a new jacket, Purple’s cute, they’re all fours, there is every single one of the poor, every single one is weird, all my favorite Cortlandt, you are ready for lunch.

Portland is a very small city which is close proximity of the place to get the last thing, once this unicorn is too late and sold at this play place, there’s so much construction happening in Portland.

That church was established in 1874, you see a church and then the building behind it is tall and it has wind turbines on the roof, it’s a cool contrast of all I used to work down here.

I used to drive the same exact route every morning to work and then there’s random little houses down here, so that’s what I love, it’s like little house, all of these little houses will be gone in the next couple years.

They’ll put big towering buildings in, I bet you that thing will get torn down eventually there’s an embassy there, Portland is coming this way, you’re so mad, there’s a new one for them building coop used to be a little house there.

This place is there, look at artisanal vegan cheese, she’s garlic bread with cheese, three bacon, I got this club, I can’t remember everything, there’s a pesto and I only avocado some kind of bacon, so we ordered a new plate, it connects with me, it’s me for the week for Joe sandwiches, that’s what we’re doing.

He wants to try everything in the case, I’m going to go together, I dropped her off, it’s 2:30 and my Nike dress auction is ending in two hours, so they changed the color tax, today I didn’t go this morning, because I was a chauffeur’s birthday stuff, I came over, so you know babysitting, do you spend time with your husband?

I don’t even know why I try to do something, it doesn’t stick, I’m off to Goodwill, I was going to do some car chat, but the things that holds my phone up in the car is not cooperating.

So I’m going to get out of the well, I’m writing my driveway, I’m getting out of my driveway and go to the room, see you soon.

Here’s something you don’t know about me, I used to honky Tonk for reals, I can swing dance lesson learned about the pole as always a section green tags are on sale, they’re cute, I like this Mickey fries, I don’t know, I think they’re too expensive, let’s see what else I have.

These are totally fit down, you know size 14, let’s see what we got here, what are these? These are cool, there’s no surplus, I got time, it was insane there and I have bad anxiety, so I started to feel very anxious.

So I had to leave, I got some things, I didn’t get a ton of stuff, but I got a decent amount of stuff, I got some good stuff, I paid up for a couple of jackets, I paid $20 a piece for two jackets, but I think that they’ll go for around 80 to 100 a piece.

So I was OK with that, it’s so insane, I got some cashews, I sat in the car, ate my cashews, I drink some water to the deep breath, I do not do well in situations where you cannot even move.

I have anxiety, it’s the worst, I’m going to head home, it’s 405, I head home and start that life show for you, because I don’t know how I’ll turn, I do the whole thing totally off it up and messed up and I know that’s a bid on it.

It is probably not a real bid, so it’s a bummer, it went down, thrifter is clearly bid on it by the names of the bidders, but that’s the chance you take, when you make YouTube videos, you take a chance that people are going to mess with your auctions or your eBay account.

Unfortunately, but I’m not going to stop what I’m doing, you can’t stop me, you can’t bring me down, I’ll see all of it, so the auction is under 800, I don’t think that person’s going to pay, I did a little live show that was fun, that was the best part, it was fun.

I am putting it my listings up for yesterday, so every time I open the app and draft on the app, it’s playing Russian roulette on eBay, because it only happens one time a day, sometimes it happens every single one.

But I opened up a draft and everything gets erased except the title, all my hard work is going down the drain, it happened in 10 of them today that I did yesterday, so I wasn’t able to list any, it’s been one of those days, but I have to upload all my photos onto the computer and then move them under his own name, move them over to here.

When I move them over, they load in sideways, so I have to go in to every single thing and see how everything is sideways and then I have to turn the photos one by one, it’s going to take me an hour to do this which is annoying, because I should not take this on, this trouble is real, the struggle is real, I don’t know what I’m going to do about this dress, it’s bumming me out, I really wish it would be sold, I wanted to use that money for some Christmas stuff.

Are you having fun? Show me what’s in your hand, it is the end of the day, I am in my crazy office and I wrapped up dropping all the stuff, I got a good little earlier and I thought I would give you a quick call, so here is my receipt and you can see next.

I wrote down the prices, but I am going to be asking for these things, so I get those prices, I don’t know, I’m going to try, but at the end of the day, let’s see here, I spent a hundred and one dollars on one two three four five six seven eight nine times, one of those and was very cashes for me to eat in the car.

So that is not in any profit to get perfect, gave me some energy, I already listed everything, already drafted everything, that’s what I’ve been doing since you last saw me drafted everything.

I’m going to take some photos and they’ll live tomorrow, so when you see this, it will be going away a couple of hours, if you’re interested in anything, let me know the best, that’s right, the show is earlier with me.

I spent a lot of money to make a lot of money, that’s what I do at the mainland itself, this check here was 40, but the color of the week is now green, so it was half off, I sold these jackets before, they always do well, they sell fast and they get good money, this one is rare, there’s not another dark gray one out online.

So I should be well with it, it’s a Nike destroyer echo short story, I don’t know, that’s a destroyer style bomber jacket men’s size large, the thing is like brand-new quilted, this is a wool jacket, I put out for a hundred bucks and I’ll get close to that even if I get 75.

I’ll be happy, but I should be able to make about $50 on this bad boy, so they brought out a few words from Rihanna where I do rec and I pulled this off it which was very exciting, I was picky today, because I spent a lot of money and I wanted to get the higher end stuff San focus Nicole.

My point is that I got the top new rock, it is Eileen Fisher, it’s an extra large which is a great size and it was only $7.99, I listed this 450 and I think I’ll get it, this is a gorgeous Eileen Fisher piece, I don’t love Eileen Fisher pieces, but this one is like drapes, it’s not a metallic unless you can see it, got a metallic weave in there, it’s got a high-low cut on it, so it comes down lower in the bath.

It’s a newer one and it’s made well, I was excited to find this, so I did put 50 on this hit $7.99, I won’t take a penny less than $30 for this letter, because Arlene Fisher piece, this is the older style tag.

This is the newer style tag, so you cannot wait, some of the older stuff isn’t doing anymore, but I still think that it’s like a quilted, 100% silk, this is the newer style bag whatever sentence well jacket.

The cool thing about this is that it’s so cool, they had magnets or button every single Jaquish of megaphones magnet buns 100% silk jacket, I did pay $14.99 for this man, it’s very debatable, if I stood over, but I did and I put that for $75 today, this is something, I’ll teach you something that’s a sure project, you can guess who makes that Eileen Fisher.

She came up with this, I believe in 2014, I did my research and it was supposed to be modern, the cuts are thinner, they’re not boxy, they’re definitely more modern types, modern styles, different edgy or fabrics, this one is a hundred percent organic linen, it’s an openness like bolts pillow striped sweater.

I would ride this, I would talk, it was ten bucks, I was willing to pay him dollars, because I’ve never found that before and I wanted to see how it was going to do, I can get that forty, this is half off nice attack, so those five bucks, it’s j.crew all by big group of five bucks all day long, it’s a dress, it’s a nice color-block dress, some maritime color-block dress, long sleeve, it’s this great heavy cotton?

You can wear this in winter or in spring and it’s exposed zippers on the side, so I don’t know for five dollars, I felt this was a good deal, it was crazy packed in there, so it’s time for me to go through all the rocks.

At the end of the day, I’m going to get the second, this was exciting, it’s my first find of this company, I still have to say that the size and the care Tyga stood out, but that’s OK, I can see where it’s been cut out, it’s a bummer, but I said of Boxford sizing and we’ll see what’s going to happen.

It was only $6.99 and it is Roberto Cavalli, it is gorgeous bubble dress, he’s not afraid of the sound like bold wild prints. I template, I found this, I put this up for under box to see how it does fifty dollars for something like this.

It wasn’t Li seven, look at name printed on the fabric, it’s always expensive, so I love this dress, it’s gorgeous, somebody’s going to love having this, even has fun detailing on the strap parts.

I hope it wasn’t supposed to have it on both, it only has it on line, I got this Prada probably saying that wrong, but it’s a jacket at the Columbia store, this brand was owned by Columbia, so that was something interesting to find out.

When I was at the Columbia store, it is so cute, I’m a fleecy fabric jacket, it’s small, I paid $10 for it and I put it up for 40 or 50, one of the two, but either way, this stuff was so fast for me, this one was a gamble.

When I need to get out of the store, I found this jacket, I wanted to get it, I paid 20 bucks for it, maybe I shouldn’t pay from Miller’s for it, this is probably a bad buy on my part.

But I put it up to see how it was going to do, if I can double my twenty bucks on it, sell it for fifty, that gives me ten for shipping and fees probably enough look, I want to get my money back at this coat, this is Macintosh, look at those comps.

I showed you another one, I got event, there was a lot of big cons on this, this isn’t boring jacket, that’s like a quilted barn jacket, well-made coat, I love this coat, it’s zippers and it has these clasps, it’s a gorgeous piece, I think it was definitely worth the $20 investment, but the market will tell me if it’s worth $20.

I got one more thing, this one’s for me too, so the two are those ten things, 20% of my Paul was for me, this is a maid, I love basic plain made little shirts, it was five bucks, I’ve usually keep these from me and splay.

There’s some soft and fuzzy and the last one I had totally shrunk though, that’s enough, I’ve had some rows, I’m going to go early in the evening, it’s only 9 o’clock, but I’m going to take these photos and go to bed.

So you get another video, check out, you need to let me know in the comments below, do you want me to go to double outlet tomorrow? Do you want me to go to Value Village tomorrow? Those are your options, pick wisely which one you want me to go to.

Maybe I’ll even put a pole somewhere we’ll see this, thanks for calling along with me, I hope you have fun and let me know what I should do, because it’s up in the air, it still does your shipping, what should happen tomorrow? I’ll talk to you later.

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