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DECU Checking And Savings Account Alerts Deere Employees Credit Union

Description: The article is concerned about deere employees credit union. The content will show you how to keep safe and stay informed when it comes to your accounts by setting a purchase and activity alerts, fraud alerts, checking and savings alerts, it will concentrate on how to set up DECU checking and savings account alerts.

Today’s tutorial will be one in a series of tutorials that will show you how to stay safe and stay informed, when it comes to your accounts by setting a purchase and activity alerts, fraud alerts, checking and savings alerts, this video will be concentrating on setting up account alerts from your checking or savings account from the dear employees credit union online banking platform.

First, you’re going to go under services and you will go to account alerts to set up the account alert and there are four buttons here, there are the folks that you have my alerts, sent alerts that have been sent destinations is where you will decide which email you would like it to go to.

You can change that, you can delete that destination or change it or you can add different ones to it, we’re going to go to the add alert function now, we’re going to select the alert type, we have a selection of alert types to go through count balance account summary, any deposit check card transaction check cleared electronic deposit general large withdrawal loan, balance loan, payment do NSF and stop payment expiring will go through a couple of these.

So you can get the idea of what we’re going through and we add these account alerts, it will start with account balance and you go through account balance and you’re going to save when the balances Belov above or below a certain aisle, you pick which account you want, whether it’s checking or your share account or your other checking account.

So if you want to do when the balance is below say $100, you press submit and that alert has been added, so we can go to the my alerts section and we have notify me when it’s under $100, you can also add other alerts.

There’s an account summary alert which is a different sort of account, it’s going to give you an alert, each morning, we’ll assent at a certain time, that’ll give a summary of everything that went on the prior day.

So this is a recap of everything that’s gone on with a certain account that you associate with this, you can do with any of your accounts, so if you submit that, you can add that to your accounts.

Another alert that you can add is a general alert and this is of a custom alert that you can send a certain day at a certain time and the message can pay the water bill and you can submit that and that will send you an email.

When it’s supposed to, it’s time to pay the water bill, so you can keep ahead of your alerts that way, any of these alerts can be added or changed after they’ve been put in the alerts section.

So if you do want to change it, if you want to cancel alert, you can cancel alert and it’ll delete that alert, you’ll no longer be receiving that, if you want to edit what you have gone on there, you can change the different accounts and you can submit it.

Then you’ll get a summary on that one and that will be updated, so you can get any sort of alerts that you want, so that’s a large overview of what’s going on with the alerts section, if you want to get in contact with us, you can call us at the phone number below or you can contact us at DCC EUCOM, thank you very much.

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