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Baudville Employee Appreciation Day Ideas

Description: The article centers on employee appreciation day. We can see some ideas about Baudville Employee Appreciation Day. There will be a few vaudevillians to share their experiences and some other favorite moments that should be unforgettable memory about working and they also mention someone who needs to be appreciated.

I’m Kimberly from vaudeville and here at the Ville, we do a lot of employee recognition, so here are a few vaudevillians to share their experiences and some other favorite moments.

I have to say one of my favorite employee appreciation moments would have to be the day we all made paper airplanes and we were trying to win an iPod who could throw the farthest paper airplane, so that was a lot of fun, it was fun to see all the people’s different ideas and innovations for paper airplanes.

I felt most appreciated, it was a holiday party, they gave out vaudeville branded portfolios to all the employees and inside was a nice long handwritten letter from the manager explaining why they valued me.

When I was a great employee and it was touching, it made my mother cry when she read it, so that was nice to tell you about a time where I felt very personally appreciated at work was a manager, this is 14 years ago when this happened.

But I still remember it to this day, a manager named Maureen for everybody on the team that she took the time, she got little border paper postcards like this and she kept AIT’s M&M packs to them and using the letters of the M announced she had spelled out emmy-award so that the M had the two halves in it and on each one, she had written a personal note to each of us about something.

She appreciated that we had done in that last week after we completed a project, she did this at a stand-up meeting for one of our team events and it had such an impact on me back to this day.

14 years later, I can tell you that was one of the neatest things someone did for me, that made me feel appreciated at work one time, I felt appreciated when Brad and Dave CEO and CFO grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for us for the whole company.

So they’re out there drilling and we were enjoying lunch together had three games to play, we won prizes, it was a lot of fun, I remember them taking the time to do that for us.

That meant a lot, one of the best ones for me, it was the breakfasts that were served up by the chef here, when they came in, you can have an omelette whatever you wanted on it was fabulous, I feel most appreciated for a week.

Our company did five different things on each business, one day they gave us massages, one day they gave thinking about lunch to all the employees, that was fun, I felt very appreciated, one of the times, I felt appreciated here at vaudeville when I received the luminary award which was a peer nominated award being a part of the team and being recognized for my contributions.

One of the ways that I felt most appreciated by an employer was that one of my first jobs when my immediate manager would make a special effort to take me out to lunch every quarter.

We’re in Washington DC and she always took me to a nicer restaurant that I might not have normally got to go to and spend the time talking about what I was interested in and how work was going and took the time to connect with me outside of a work environment.

Let me know that my progress and contribution was important to her, so one of the times that Bob bill made me feel appreciated as an employee happened not long after I started working here.

It was Memorial Day weekend and on the Friday before we all took off for the long weekend, Brad and David took us aside and said how much they appreciated all the work we had done and handed out gift cards for gas.

So we could all enjoy the weekend and have a fun and safe Memorial Day, it took me by surprise especially as a new employee and it’s something that I still remember on my third anniversary at vaudeville.

I received this necklace from 3 little rings on it and every year since I have received a ring to show the appreciation that they have given to me for my years of service end and March.

I would be going on for 14 years, you know one of the first things that happened to me when I started at vaudeville, it was remarkable, I had come from a place that didn’t recognize employees.

So I didn’t even know what it was all about, but I felt special one day when I came in and I had a handwritten note for my boss and a gift card, thanks for all you do and that meant a lot to me.

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