employee appreciation day

LSS Employee Appreciation Day

Description: The article refers to employee appreciation day. Employee Appreciation Day means an opportunity to step back and recognize the people of the organization, the organization is nothing without the people. The author mentions people are so busy that they care nothing about the time to appreciate and recognize all the employees.

I’m Dave Larsen, I’m president and CEO of Ellis house, I’ve been with the organization about 20 years, I am glad to to be a part of employee appreciation appliance that is our focus.

But we can do nothing for them without the power, the expertise and the passion that you bring into your work, I think our colleagues do some amazing things every day, I don’t think we say thank you enough.

Employee Appreciation Day means an opportunity to step back and recognize the people of the organization, the organization is nothing without the people, I think sometimes, we’re so busy and everybody is doing so much that we don’t always take the time to stop and appreciate and recognize all our employees, it means to me like being very purposeful about setting aside a day to say thank you to our staff during the course of our work days.

It becomes very busy and hectic, we don’t often take the time to recognize the quality of work that’s being done without our employees, we don’t have anything, so we need to make sure that we’re lifting them up acknowledging them and making sure that they feel supported in their efforts.

Our LSS staff are tremendously committed to our two, I feel that the frontline staff as well as the business services staff truly care about improving the lives of our clients, I can see that they’re committed and I’m involved of what we do every day care.

They’re not folks who talk about wanting to change a life, they’re not folks we talk about or think about getting back, they’re doing it every single day, they’re not working, you don’t generate a profit or to grow the stock price, they’re working to impact individuals and change lives.

There are a lot of tasks that you are not particularly glamorous, but they have a significant impact on a focus namely hillman, there are lots of skills helping us in the world.

But if you blend it with the kind of passion that I see for changing the world and changing lives in the staff at LSS, it makes a marvelous recipe for success, how much time do we have?

We change lives not only by those people, it touched our clients, but also by all the people that support them, maybe the best way to talk about those would be to share a story, so I was recently at haami and I sat down with a young man, that’s a client there.

Then I had asked them what’s the biggest thing that you learned at haami, the story that he told is by working with Tommy, they’ve given me the opportunity to go to the past and realize that I can have a meaningful future.

The reason why that happened is that we have staff that gave him the tools to get where he was and it was transformational. I think our staff helps change lives by giving people hope, why don’t you literally save that because of what you do?

I want to thank you all you do, I want to extend my deepest thanks and appreciation for all you do, thank you for everything you do for our clients at LSS, unless that’s the thing when you feel work every day.

We want to take the opportunity to say thank you for all that you do, thank you from from B and everybody that we serve, I want to thank you from the depths of my heart for making the LSS mission soar and my vision impacting both of our communities and world around us, thank you very much.

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