employee assistance program

Employee Assistance Program

Description: The article is about employee assistance program telling you what EAP is and how you can most effectively use it. You can learn something related to EAP benefits and EAP services. The state of California encourages you to take advantage of these great services to balance the issues in your work and personal life.

As a state of California employee, you are entitled to Employee Assistance Program or EAP benefits. EAP is brought to you by managed health network which has been providing EAP services for more than 20 years.

Today we will tell you exactly what EAP is and how you can most effectively use it. The EAP covers a broad range of services that are provided by highly trained and certified specialists, such as psychologists, social workers, financial counselors and licensed attorneys.

EAP services are always confidential, you can access EAP by a toll-free telephone number or going to our website, this makes EAP services very easy to use. EAP is a free voluntary program paid for by the state of California for its employees. EAP services are strictly confidential and governed by state and federal law.

No reports are made to the employer except aggregate utilization reports that don’t identify individuals and no reports are made to supervisors without the employees written consent.

The legal exceptions to confidentiality are the same as those that guide all clinicians if a member expresses a plausible suicidal or homicidal intent or they intend to commit child or elder abuse. ,Then the clinician is bound by law to notify authorities.

Additionally, if the clinician receives a court order or subpoena requiring him or her to reveal, otherwise confidential information, the clinician must comply those eligible for EAP including all active state employees.

Their lawful spouse and unmarried dependent children, dependent children are natural adopted or stepped children under age 23, however, if a child is incapable of self sustaining employment due to mental or physical disability, he or she is considered a dependent at any age beginning on January 1st, 2005.

Domestic partners will also be eligible for EAP, dependent children in the military are not eligible, the state of California has three employment categories in three different benefit designs, it is important to know which category you’re in.

So you receive the appropriate benefit, please review your benefit flyer or contact your EAP coordinator, if you have questions about your benefit, level employment category and benefit level one includes employees in bargaining units five and seven.

All exempt managerial supervisory and confidential employees of the California Highway Patrol employees, managers, supervisors and confidential employees in bargaining unit six, seven and eight and seasonal and intermittent firefighters.

This group gets seven clinical counseling sessions per problem type per year for both employee and spouse individually dependent children in the family may share seven clinical counseling sessions per problem type per year employment category and benefit level two includes all CHP not previously mentioned specifically Forestry and Fire Protection Department of Corrections board of prison terms prison industry Authority the Youth Authority youth offender parole board and the youth and adult correctional agency

This group is entitled to three sessions per problem type total shared between the employee spouse and dependent children, employment category and level three is for all other state of California employees.

This group receives three sessions total for the employee and three sessions total for the spouse and dependent children combined, as I mentioned, some benefit levels get a specific number of visits per problem type.

There are four problem types for clinical services, they are substance abuse alcohol abuse marital and family issues and emotional and personal stress, many employees may not want or need clinical counseling, but could use some help with daily life issues to meet.

These needs EAP offers work and life services which include legal financial consultation child and elder care consultation and more keep in mind that these services do not count towards your per problem type sessions the legal benefit of EAP includes legal consultation and mediation consultation.

As a state of California employee, you’re entitled to one 30-minute session per legal issue that 30-minute session can be either face to face or by telephone, after that initial 30-minute session, you need to retain the attorney you can do.

So at a 25% reduction in that attorneys fees, the types of legal issues covered include personal and family law civil and consumer issues financial matters, such as bankruptcy, real estate, business legal services, criminal matters, IRS matters, such as an audit.

If you have a balance, do an estate planning advice, the AAP does not cover legal issues between you and your employer, the state of California, it does not cover legal representation in court.

This 30-minute session does not cover review or preparation of legal documentation, this may be done after the initial 30-minute session at a reduced fee financial consultations are done over the telephone and may last up to an hour per session with an unlimited number of sessions.

In these sessions, we can assess your financial situation and help you make a personal budget and deal with things like compulsive spending how to get a copy of your credit report setting personal financial goals and discuss the pros and cons of filing for personal bankruptcy.

This financial consultation is provided by mhn associates who are certified in various financial areas necessary to handle your needs, however mhn does not give investment advice pre-retirement consultations are done over the telephone and may last up to an hour per session with an unlimited number of sessions.

This offers you the opportunity to examine your current financial status and your retirement goals, we will look at financial issues lifestyle issues and how your plans will impact other family members.

If you are being audited by the IRS or have overdue federal taxes, you may want to take advantage of our federal taxpayer consultation with this, you get 3 30-minute sessions per year per family, this is not a tax preparation service, this is specifically for IRS problems where you are being audited or owed taxes for child and elder care issues.

You may receive a telephone consultation to help you assess your needs, locate available community resources and evaluate and monitor care organizing, life’s affair is a unique service that includes unlimited 1, our telephone sessions and an inventory package to help you create an inventory of the valuable and important things in your home.

It is designed to create an organized list of things like insurance policies, your will show passports, birth certificates and other important documentation, this service will help you prepare for emergencies and also help someone else if they need to care for your estate.

But concierge service is offered to help you find a service or product on your own, we will conduct an internet search and locate three to five vendors or businesses that offer the product or service you’re looking for.

We understand how busy you are and to help you remain focus on the things that matter, we can find these vendors for you in addition to the telephone and face-to-face services we discussed, mhn has a great website, this website functions much like many other websites you know.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to register type in lowercase letters, the company access code for the state of California which is SOC, then type your email address, once you enter the website, you can view your EAP benefits, find a practitioner or go to one of the other areas of emotional health health and fitness family and work or financial and legal.

Many people prefer the privacy and anonymity of a website to get self-help information, so remember all EAP services are accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week by calling this 800 number or going to the mhn website, the state of California encourages you to take advantage of these great services to balance the issues in your work and personal life.

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