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Employee Benefits Video 5 Minute Sample

Description: The article covers employee benefits. The content has been divided into easy-to-follow segments, each of which provides an overview of a specific portion of the plan going over the health insurance options, the benefits available to you including health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and short term disability insurance.

I’m Scott with HR advised, I’m on location and we’re getting ready to start production as an employee of the little bit consulting company, this video outlines the benefits available to you which includes health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and short term disability insurance in a moment, we’ll be joined by benefits expert connie ellis who walk through the options available to you to keep things moving.

I’ll ask a few questions along the way, let’s get started before we begin, it’s advisable to have your enrollment materials provided to you by HR, this video is divided into easy-to-follow segments, each of which provides an overview of a specific portion of your plan.

Let’s start our review by looking at your health insurance options which are the foundation for maintaining your health sounds, if I understand it correctly, lbcc is offering two health insurance options, the key care 15 and the key care 30, the rates for your health insurance options are included in your enrollment materials with all plans.

Children may be covered until the end of the month in which they turn 26 years old, now let’s take a look at your second health plan, the option sounds great, this is the key care 30 PPO, go ahead and bring up that health plan comparison chart, you can fill in the blanks, get it start at the top.

Preventive services are covered at 100%, the deductibles are one thousand for an individual in two thousand for a family, there’s a thirty dollar copay for a primary care visit and a fifty dollar copay, specialist urgent care is a $50 copay, keep it up emergency care outpatient surgery and inpatient care are all subject to a 20% coinsurance.

After I’ve met my deductible, keep in mind that there is still an out-of-pocket maximum for in-network and out-of-network services, let’s take a few moments to review your health enrollment application, it’s the best, if you have this form in front of you as you follow along.

Let’s look at this form starting at the top of the front page, your dental coverage with this plan is comprehensive, it includes diagnostic and preventive care which are important tools in maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Can we review my dental benefits? Please have a copy of your dental information in front of you as we proceed, as indicated on screen, your dental benefit summary shows that all diagnostic and preventive services are covered at a hundred percent, so for these services, there’s no cost to me and the deductible is waived.

In addition to preventive services, your plan includes basic services which helped you control the cost of your dental care, your benefit package also includes life insurance with some great options for you and your family.

Can we cover the basic life insurance? Let’s start by looking at your benefits summary, it looks like the life insurance, face amount is thirty seven thousand five hundred dollars and LBCC is paying 100% of my premiums.

An accidental death and dismemberment is included which doubles the face amount of the policy, if you were to pass away in an accident, why don’t you tell me about your supplemental life insurance benefits for starters.

I can purchase additional life insurance on myself in $10,000 increments up to five times, my salary or $100,000 all without answering any medical questions, remember only during the initial enrollment, is there a guarantee issue?

If you let coverage later, you will need to answer medical questions for any amount, we have almost done, let’s cover your disability insurance options, let’s talk about your short term disability, this benefit covers you off the job for an illness or injury.

It seems that it begins to pay me on the 15th calendar day after I’m deemed disabled and I can choose my weekly benefit as long as my choice does not exceed 50% of my weekly pay.

Your premium rates are located on your benefit summary to determine your premium, follow these simple steps, you’ve not had a comprehensive overview of the benefits package available to you, these benefits of designed to protect you and your family, so I encourage you to take full advantage of them, if you haven’t heard it before, contact HR with any questions.

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