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How To Explain Benefits To Employees Who Do Not Care

Description: The following article is designed to concentrate on the topic which is highly related to the point of employee benefits. The author is mainly going to show us the important details on the ways of how to explain different benefits to those employees who don’t care.

I’m Karl Ulrich, as a human resources professional and as a consultant, I have multiple times to walk into rooms of people, CEOs, heads of benefit committee and they gave me their full attention, this was a painful point to them especially for instance, the chief financial officers in the room, because a third of total compensation or benefits and we go down a level to the senior leadership team.

I have a lot of their attention, but they’re all so distracted with operation, we go down to the actual shop floor or the call center or whatever the organization does, we get to the first level.

Those people have been doing their jobs on their mind and the need to pay attention to the complexity of the bigger picture in business not there, so the only time they need to know something is when they’re in pain, if they’re in the safety issue, mental pain from whether that’s going to work or physical thing, because they’re sick or their child is sick.

At that instant, they want to know the exact answer, it’s 2:30 in the morning and they want to know exactly the answer of coverage of what the deal is, so over the years, I’ve become expert in how to explain complex subjects to people that don’t care this suddenly became powerfully apparent with the advent of the Affordable Care Act where everybody made a lot of things about how complex it was and how long it was.

All major legislation is in that way, I sat down and read it, I discovered that one of my powers and it came from my power of being trained as a journalist was that I could summarize that in modern attention spam, the power of summary wins over everything.

So what I did was that I was able to summarize the Affordable Care Act to people who knew it was important, but they’d only give me a short window of time, when an organization spends tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars on a benefit plan, then does not fully explain it to the employees that are getting it, that’s wasted money and that’s why I became expert in one of the important things about trying to bridge this gap between your information and someone who may not care this.

We do have a short attention span and then realize we may have a dialect or language or pure word choice gap, the first step is to summarize, but then the second step is the language itself and the phrasing and the inflection, there’s an art form to this, I have clients that speak Spanish as the mother tongue.

I’m learning Spanish oomphel abracada via my company Gregory Anna pal has clients that are majority, we have benefits, briefings that include Burmese, because I mean if you’re up here, what percentage of this is your responsibility, it’s handy if they come halfway, but all of it is your responsibility.

The second thing is increasing detergency, the first step is to make it simple, the second step is to make them care, we have a common problem especially with technical issues where there are three columns on a page.

The first column is what benefits you can gain, the second column is how it does to do it, the third column is the result, what do you get from it? Those of us that are in the profession can speak all the acronyms in the lingo, we’re very good with the first two columns.

Here’s what it does and how it does it, we run out of steam when we never get to the result, move those, start with the result, start with this new vision plan, it will include all of your children and get them one set of free glasses a year so that they will perform better in school.

Because they can see better, let me tell you how it works, so a key point back to the top makes it simple and gets good at summary and makes them care, the best way to make them care is to get that result up front, it’s interesting.

Technology makes us understand that modern people are getting so much of their information in little video clips than YouTube in moving advertisements in the sheer volume of marketing.

That’s done to them, more and more is moving to a video frame, look at this, we’re on video if possible, go there, we have done it at Gregory and Appel, we use tools to include humor and video, we use tools to include graphics and video, including taking your smart phone and doing a quick video.

This is Carl from benefits, I sent an email last week to do a full enrollment and there’s ten of you that haven’t clicked on that, everybody who clicks wins prize, you get your signed up benefits on time and there won’t be a problem, thanks, this is Carl.

Then you have a message to send out, that has a chance to punch through the fog and and have an impact, if it has an impact on the organization’s benefits, plans will be worth the money people are spending, because it will be motivating the employees.

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