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Employee Engagement 5 Ways To Immediately Engage Employees

Description: The article mentions the topic on employee engagement. The focus of the article circles on employee engagement. We will be introduced five ways to engage our employees very quickly on a daily basis and learn the big differences between content employees and engaged employees.

Welcome back to recruiters tips and tricks, today I’m going to be talking about employee engagement, there’s a big difference between content employees and engaged employees.

Although you may walk around your office and see employees laughing and smiling which is a great thing, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re engaged, engaged employees are committed to your organization, they see the missions of the company, they see the goals and they want to work towards them within their position, they want to bring their role to the next level and are committed to making things go right for your company, that’s what an aged employee is.

So a lot of companies should have strategies set up for engaging employees, but there are many ways that you can engage your employees very quickly on a daily basis, here’s how you can engage your employees.

Tip number one, you want to ask their opinions whether it’s a one-on-one meeting or company-wide meeting, you want to hear their opinions and hear them out, as individuals, this makes them engaged, because they know that they have opinions that you care about.

Their opinions make a difference in the company and that they can say what they need to say about certain projects, maybe their role, maybe changes in the company is important as individuals and employees. It makes them want to work harder for your company.

Tip number two, you want to show genuine interest in them as individuals and show that you’re listening, so when you’re in that mid-morning, you’re getting tired at your desk, take a walk around and start to talk to your employees, get to know them as people get to know, maybe their family lives or their hobbies, you never know you may have something in common.

These things are creating employee engagement, because it shows that you’re listening to them as individuals and it gets them, makes them get to know you as a person, you might have a bond that you never knew that you had before. So these kinds of things make employees more engaged in their roles in their company.

Tip number three, you want to focus on acknowledgement, so you want to acknowledge them for all the hard work that they’ve done in your organization, this doesn’t mean that you have to give them prize every time, they complete a project by even a great job or you did well on that project.

It is important to individuals and employees and it makes them much more engaged, they can see that their hard work is acknowledged and not taken for granted and it makes them want to work harder for you.

Tip number four, you want to respect and trust your employees, it is extremely important, because knowing that your trust as an employee makes you want to work harder for an organization, there’s nothing worse than being given a project and then having it taken away from you by someone who make might think they’re better than you or someone that’s been there longer.

It’s a sign of disrespect and it’s not appreciated by employees, so next time you design project, let employees take it from start to finish, let them start it, let them edit it, let them show you they want to hear some feedback, you want to be acknowledged for their hard work and they want to be trusted to complete something correctly this kind of trust and respect engaged employees and makes them want to be a part of their role and own their role and take it to the next level.

Tip number four which is very easy to do is to make your workplace fun and rewarding, so whether you give out little rewards for hard work every quarter every year or if you’re making the workplace fun with a fun committee or some fun events that your company does some happy hours, these things are appreciated by employees.

It shows that they are appreciated for their hard work, it gives them a little time off to relax and get to know their teammates and overall, it makes the workplace a place that they want to be, it makes it a place that they feel that they’re having fun and it even makes it feel at home that time.

So having something fun and rewarding for them is important as well and trying to engage them, overall, engaging employees is very important to the success of your company, engage employees will work hard for you, they know the mission and they want to work towards that mission for your company.

They have a lot of goals set and want to take you coming to the next level, so you want to make sure that your entire employee base is engaged, not content in their roles, thanks for joining us today, be sure to check in IO crew, comment on our twitter at worker comm for more updates and more videos coming your way, thanks a lot.

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