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4 Tips To Create An Innovative Employee Handbook

Description: The article demonstrates the topic on employee handbook. We will be indicated four useful tips to create an innovative employee handbook and make it innovative, because people keep the focus on the rules, guidelines and general beliefs of the company and people need creativity due to the rapidly developed technology.

My name is mo and today I’m going to give you four tips on how to make your employee handbook innovative, in the 21st century, we are finding that technology plays a huge role in keeping the attention span of not only the Millennials, but people are older as well in order to keep the focus on the rules and guidelines and general beliefs of your company, you will definitely need creativity.

Tip number one, create a guide, I know for myself though, I’m given a lot of material to stifle through, I will skip to the middle or the end of a book, then work my way back to the beginning.

If the first couple of pages doesn’t grab my attention, a man provides tips and suggestions on how to navigate through all of this tedious material, here’s our first example, it’s a software company and they tend to use more of a self-management model for their employee handbook, you see here the first page on how to use this book. The fact that they start by explaining how to utilize the handbook is amazing in itself.

Tip number two, consider the opinions of your current employees, when is formulating your handbook, what better way to capture the true essence of a company’s culture than to get the employees that are already there experiencing it, so basically a culture book is a collage of unedited submissions from employees within the company that basically describes their feelings and how they feel about the company Disqus.

This is an online social media company and they use a culture book as their handbook, so it’s basically PDF files of pictures and memes to describe the vision and attractive PDF filled with great looking pictures graphics and internet memes that depict their individuality as the web’s quote community of communities.

So you see here are some cool pictures of them working within their element and then to the very far, you have people leaving comments on what was left and how they appreciate the culture book and you know different suggestions.

Tip number three, show that you can make the new employee feel that they are someone special and not simply a body to fill a position, let them know that you are genuinely concerned about their well-being.

Here is the Motley Fool, they like to use the fools rules in their culture book and one of them is wellness. The Fool has all of your health and fitness needs covering under focus, our workplace wellness program which offers so many options of every fool.

It’s easy to get involved, so you see here they talk about general wellness consult nutrition plans, personalized exercise plans, yoga on-site massages and three healthy snacks, you can’t get any better than that.

Tip number four, brag and boast about the accomplishments of your company, the author of duck tape mark duct-tape for marketing states that any employee that comes into contact with a prospect or client is performing a marketing function.

The question is do they know how to perform that marketing function in a way that represents the organization accurately and positively, when someone asks your employee about their job, you want them to be able to regurgitate all of the amazing projects that they are a part of that.

So within your handbook, you definitely want to brag about the accomplishments of the company and paint a vivid picture of the company’s vision, so we see here, discuss again, they have an awesome page within their handbook that talks about what they are and how great they are and where they want to be.

So let’s reiterate four tips to make an innovative employee handbook, number one, you want to create a guide to help navigate the employee through the guide and all of that material.

Second, you want to consider the opinions of your existing employees maybe by using a culture book to capture exactly how they feel so that they can convey that to that new employee.

Third, you want to express the concern that you care, number four and final brag and boast about the accomplishments of your company, you want that new employee to feel like they are part of something great.

If asked what it is that, who they work for, you want them to be able to express gratitude, but generosity and excitement for working for your team, thank you very much.

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