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Introduction To Creating Your Employee Handbook

Description: The article covers employee handbook. It refers to an introduction to creating employee handbook. We can see the discussion about the importance of having an employee handbook, so we may be guided to learn the basic steps to create one and know some basic items that should be included in every employee handbook.

Now we’ve discussed the importance of having an employee handbook, let’s take a look at the basic steps that go into creating one, before you can start writing and designing your employee handbook, you must first gather your resources.

There are some basic items that every handbook must have, but these resources are not all readily available in one place, doing your homework and gathering your resources first will make your job much easier.

There are some basic items that should be included in every employee handbook, when it comes to your handbook, your mission and vision statements are not negotiable as new employees enter your organization, it will be imperative to introduce them to your mission and vision orienting them to the direction that the organization is moving will be important to their success.

Your employee handbook should also include company policies and benefit information, we will discuss each of these in greater detail in later modules, organizations change over time, it’s possible that some of the resources you gather are out-of-date or need to be revised.

It is the perfect time to do that, you wouldn’t want to put an outdated policy in your handbook to rewrite it in a month, so take some time now to review your resources, do your organization’s mission or vision statement need revising your policies, apply your policies. Think about your culture, does the wording of your policies reflect that culture?

Next, you should take a look to see what you may be missing and consider the things you may want to add, this may be easier to do, if you create a checklist, first determine all the known policies and procedures, compare this to the list of mandatory handbook policies, that will be discussed in module 3.

Take an inventory and determine what you are missing, your organization is missing formal policies that should be included in every handbook by creating a checklist, you can ensure that your handbook will contain all the information.

Your employees will need to be successful, it would also be a good time to decide if there are new policies and procedures that you would like to implement, what do you need to add and revise? It’s time to get writing.

Every handbook needs a welcome letter, this sets the tone for the beginning of every employee’s journey with your organization, if you don’t have a handbook or a Welcome Packet, you will need to write a welcome letter. Welcome letters will be discussed in further detail in module 3.

You will also need to write or find any policies that you determined to be missing, in the last step, you also decided if you wanted to implement any new policies and procedures with the rollout of your employee handbook.

It is the time that you would write out those new policies and procedures, you should also make the edits, you determine where needed in step two and finalize all the policies procedures and benefit information.

After you have reviewed and written all the material for your handbook, it’s time to put it all together, there are numerous methods for formatting your handbook, this will be discussed in further detail in module four.

Tracking the receipt and acknowledgement of your employee handbook is an important step in the process, this ensures that the organization can use the employee handbook as defense in a court of law without a signed acknowledgement.

You have no proof that the employee received and read your employee handbook, your distribution method will determine how the acknowledgments are handled, but tracking the receipt of those returned acknowledgments is an important step in the process, you will need to know who has returned their acknowledgment forms and who has yet to do.

So you will also need to ensure that the signed forms are retained in every employees personnel file, should you ever need to provide proof that the employee read and acknowledged the receipt of the employee handbook proofread.

This is an important step in the process grammatical punctual and spelling errors can discredit your hard work, it’s important that you review your handbook and correct these errors.

You should also have a colleague look over your work, a fresh set of eyes may see something that you’ve designed, you’ve proofread, you’ve worked hard, it’s time to show that hard work off you will want to give one to every new employee as part of the onboarding process.

But what about your existing employees whether this is your organization’s first employee handbook or revision of an old one, you should give a copy to your existing employees as well.

This ensures that everyone in your organization is on the same page, there are different methods for distributing your handbook which will be discussed in module four, don’t forget to track the acknowledgments as your employees turn them in, this concludes this part of module 1, next, let’s review what you have learned.

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