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Infor Cloud Suite Industrial ERP Employee Person Page Self Service Website

Description: The article centers on the topic which is about employee personal page. We can see some information of cloud suite industrial employee self service website that allows us to access important human resources and payroll information whenever we need it. We can log in using a web browser to review personal information.

Welcome to the employee self-service website in for cloud suite 9 o 20, the employee self-service website allows us to access important human resources and payroll information whenever we need it.

We can log in using a web browser to review personal information, enter time off requests, contact HR, check company announcements, view our paycheck details and more starting on the home page.

We see a summary of our most recent paychecks, hovering over the colored sections will display the date of our paycheck and the percentage of that portion, clicking the title takes us to the paycheck detail page.

We can review the detailed information for a specific payroll check, the drop down list allows us to select and view previous paychecks every page on the employee self-service web site includes a menu in the upper right corner that allows us to return to the home page, access all the website pages through these four categories.

Open the help and sign off from the website, we will use the home icon to return to the home page.

Next, we see the quick time off request section our recruit and taken sick and vacation leave for the year are displayed, we can quickly submit a time off request for a standard eight-hour day by selecting a reason and choosing a date range.

We can also click this section title to open the request time off calendar page, this displays are approved pending or rejected time off requests as well as any company holidays here.

When we request days off, we can specify a full or half day or a number of hours and we can add comments to our request since I am a manager, I’m able to see this in a drop down field, this allows me to select one of my direct report employees and request time off for them announcements cycles through all current company announcements.

Clicking on a specific one will provide additional information, if there is any via the announcements viewer page, the team members section lists all employees of our company, we can search for a specific employee and view their organizational chart or we can click the team members link to display our organization chart weekly time off calendar displays a quick review of the current week, use the arrows to change the week we’re viewing.

Clicking the title opens the time off history where we can see all of our approved time off requests for a specific date range or typing the employee field is enabled here, because I’m a manager and can select an employee from the drop-down to view their time off.

History employee links provides access to forms and other important resources, these will be organized by user defined categories, this page and the organization chart page we saw previously are both accessible under the Human Resources category of the menu.

Under this menu, we can quickly access forms and resources related to our company’s benefits, send an email to our Human Resources Department, review our insurance information and see information about our current position and position history.

The payroll menu contains a page that allows us to view our deduction in earning history for a given check range and type if desired selecting display will open a report form with our chosen information and can be printed using the PDF controls.

The direct deposit history page will list our direct deposit history for the selected date range and the hours in pay history page will show detailed information of the hours and payment amounts for a given check date range.

Next, we have access to the same pay check detail page, we saw on the home page and we can view our payroll overview under the personal category, we start off with our emergency contacts.

We can view our emergency contacts as well as adding edit and delete records education and awards displays our courses taken certificates and licenses earned exams and awards.

We’ve received the performance review, it shows us our performance and review dates, selecting the documents button will show us a list of any documents attached to the record.

We are viewing on the personal information page, we are able to view and edit some of our personal information, the request time off and time off history links open the same pages, we saw via the home page approve time off and team time off.

Our page is unique to managers and supervisors, we select our employees from the drop down and can view any pending requests, then we select the date ranges of the ones we wish to approve or reject the team time off, calendar page allows us to review approved time off for our direct report employees, thank you for visiting employee self-service in for cloud suite 9 o 20.

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