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SharePoint Templates New Employee Personal Page Info Form

Description: The article centers on the topic which is about employee personal page. It is a share point templates showing the information about the forms of the information of the new employees which are built in InfoPath and published to a Share Point site in an approval process with three levels of approval that you will be able to define.

This particular form is a new employee form, this form was built in InfoPath and then published to a SharePoint site, the form has a built in approval process with three levels of approval that you will be able to define.

So let’s go ahead and add one of these forms and take a look at all of the features, I’m going to click new document to open one up, so essentially this form will allow an HR representative to fill out some information about a new employee.

Then submit that information to a supervisor for approval, the supervisor will then be able to determine what level of access the employee needs and also what equipment they need to begin their new job.

The approval then continues to the VP and then eventually to the IT department to complete the request for access and equipment, so here I can fill out a new form, enter the employee’s name, the address, state zip, I can choose what department that they’re going to be in and their position and then enter their start date.

Then I can determine what supervisor I need to submit this to you for approval and then click Submit, the forum is then routed to that supervisor, when they open up the forum, they see the read-only version of what the HR rep has entered.

Then here they determine what access is needed and what equipment is needed, so this employee needs network access to the HR portal, the CRM system, the finance system, they also need a laptop, an extension, a mobile phone and then they need their security badge activated, so they can get in the building.

Then here the supervisor can include comments, then it is routed to the VP for approval, the VP can review what the supervisor has picked and make comments and then approve or reject.

Finally, the forum is routed to IT when IT opens the forum, they can see a read-only view of everything that was done before including the items that the supervisor has chosen for the employee.

Then set up the access needed and these are some very secure passwords, they can also enter the dates that they order the equipment, so the PC or laptop order date, the mobile order date and the date that the badge was activated.

There’s even a spot for the new employees extension and they have a section for comments, once they finish, they can click the check box and then an email could be routed to either the requester or their supervisor letting them know that this has been completed for the employee.

When the forum is opened again, everything is in read-only view, we can see the information for the employee who was completed by who it was approved by and on what dates.

If the form is rejected at any point in the process, the rejector can enter in comments, click reject the requester can, then receive an email letting them know it’s rejected and what the comment was.

Then they could open up the form, click originator modify and resubmit fix whatever the issue may have been and then resubmit the form and then the formal work its way back through the approval process, this is the same no matter what level it’s rejected at and that is a new employee form.

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