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Employee Recognition Choosing Your Employee Cracker Barrel Com of The Month Winners

Description: The article below conveys the information with the topic of employee of the month. It contains the main idea of employee recognition about whether and how to choose your employee of the month winners. You may learn what you should and should not do when picking your monthly winners.

As a CEO of one of the most successful employee recognition companies in the US and Canada, there’s one question I am asked repeatedly, that question is how do we pick our monthly winners, we’ll get to that in a moment.

But let’s first start with what you don’t want to do when picking your monthly winners, I’m not going to sugarcoat this, you need to know the facts, the two most common reasons employee recognition programs fail, managers fail to keep their program up to date.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for some managers to allow several months to go without ever recognizing their top employees like anything else, if you don’t use your employee recognition program on a consistent basis, it won’t be successful.

Timing is everything, research shows that recognizing your employees every three months is only 26 percent, it is effective as rewarding them monthly, so by forgetting to pick your winners for a few months and then trying to play catch-up, you’ll only experience a partial benefit of what you would have seen by being consistent month in and month out.

I’ve explained how I fixed their forgetting to pick your monthly winners and falling behind problem in an earlier video, you can see that at operation next-level calm when you finish watching this video.

The second most common reason recognition programs fail is that the managers allow the employees to pick the monthly winners, there is big mistake, here’s the reason, believe it or not, some of your best employees are not all that popular many times.

This is true, some of your best people serve in silence where they are rarely noticed much less receiving recognition for their hard work, if you allow the employees to pick your winners, one thing is for certain, they will pick the most popular people in your store.

When that happens, your program will become a complete and utter failure, it may take a few months before you realize it, but you’ll not only waste your money, you’ll find by allowing that to happen.

Your best people will develop resentment towards you and the often less effective employees who were picked over them, that is definitely something we do not want to happen to you.

How do we pick our winners and guarantee the success of our employee recognition program simple choose and then recognize the things you want to improve, as I’ve said before, in some of my other videos, what gets recognized, it gets repeated, show your employees exactly what it takes to win one of your employees a month blacks.

They’ll do whatever it takes to win, but they must have a target to hit focus on your employees attention like a laser beam on the things that matter to you into the success of your business things like going above and beyond what you ask them to do and exhibiting leadership traits even before they have a leadership role in your store.

These employees are your future Department managers and store managers, so make sure you recognize them or they’re going to leave you for another company and another manager who will research proves that you should remember the Gallup Organization found that 65% of employees said.

They had received absolutely no recognition from their manager in the last year, don’t let your employee say that about you, I’ll be the first to say there are some types of employees that are easier to rank against each other than others salespeople.

For instance, it’s very easy to determine who the top salesperson is, they have the most sales by date, so how do we rank our employees when they have entirely different jobs? One thing’s for certain, you can’t compare apples to oranges.

In other words, it’s impossible to compare a cashier to a salesperson effectively, that’s not going to work, so to be fair at all, you simply rank the employees within their own Department each month and then recognize one winner.

Let’s look at the larger retail stores as an example, they have cashiers floor employees those are the men who help customers and stock the shelves shipping and receiving customer service employees.

How can you compare them effectively? You can’t do that, we have the categories of employees, let’s determine how we rank them, your ranking criteria might include things like their attitude every day, do they clock in on time.

I’ll help bar the other employee, how helpful they are! The customers are available if they need to work, short notice are they cross trained in other departments if needed, how committed are they to the success of the company, do they even care whether you are noticing something about these ranking criteria.

These are the qualities you want, all of your employees to exhibit reward what you want to see repeatedly, because that’s exactly what you’ll get when your employees see Janet getting cashier of the month and you say things like Janet had the highest and new company credit card applications.

She had the second highest fastest checkout speed per customer and had the highest gift card sales in the apartment, your other employees will know exactly what it takes to win next month, it makes it easy for them to know what matters to you by explaining exactly why Janet won.

If you specifically and consistently mention to your employees what matters to you like I showed you with Janet, it will have a major impact on your store sales, let me show you how we’ve all heard the 80/20 rule.

It states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your employees, if only 20% of your employees kicked up their extra effort by only 10% in one month, it will pay for your complete employee recognition program for the entire.

Let me explain if you recall, we praised Janet for three things, she opened more company, charge accounts than anyone which means your store will not only have increased charge card purchases in future months.

But they may also have interest income as well, from those charges on the customers store charge card, thanks to Janet, the second thing is faster, checkout speeds, this will result in you needing less cashiers to move the same amount of people through the checkout lines.

If you have 10 cashiers and they increase their speed by 10%, you don’t need one of them, that’s probably a minimum savings of twenty to twenty-five thousand a year at least.

The third thing is more gift card sales which means customers will have to come into your store to spend them plus statistics, show people spend more than the actual value, when they come in, that’s a good thing too.

So do you see how to use that in a strategically designed employee recognition program featuring an effective criteria for choosing your monthly winners will help you reach your monthly sales goals.

If your recognition program isn’t delivering the sales and profits you desire, sit down now and decide what you want to improve and then tie your employee recognition directly to reaching those goals.

I remember hearing the quote years ago, it goes like this, some people make things happen, others ask what happened, take action and make things happen for you and your people every day strive to become the leader, you would want to work for yourself, see you soon.

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