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Freeze Federal Employee Salaries

Description: The article conveys the topic on federal employee salaries. The content focuses on the point of freeze federal employee salaries. It refers to taxes, job losses, deals with the current tax policy extending for the next few years and the bill frozen for not only members of Congress salary, but the salary of all of the federal employees.

If you think it’s all about class warfare and economic redistribution that might make for good politics, but it’s rotten macado’s fifty percent of all small business income is going to get hit with a massive tax increase in January.

Two-thirds of all of our jobs in this country come from small businesses, so this is serious economics, we’re talking about a job creation and and we have enough people in his own party in Congress that agree with us on this.

The poll rhyme with Greta last night was the first meeting between President Obama the Republican leadership since the election, a lot of issues on the table are the big ones certainly in tax cuts, they find a compromise, will it be a will this float into the new year Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann at a minister the house financial services committee and founder of the Tea Party caucus.

Welcome back here to America’s newsroom, what is your expectation out of this meeting today? I don’t know, that will see a final result, I think this will be more the introductory meeting that comes forward.

But clearly I think the results of the meeting need to reflect the results of the election on the first Tuesday of November, no one in America wants any more new massive spending increases, so President Obama will have to come to that reality, because it’s unconscionable to think that the Congress with only 31 days to go until 2011 still hasn’t set the tax rates for next year.

No business person even knows what to do when they don’t know what the tax tables will be for next year, your expectations don’t seem to be optimistic, you’re not expecting much, I’m not expecting a final word on what’s going to happen.

But we should see the parties come to a result, because there are only 30 miles to go, but I think from the Republican side, I don’t see that you’re going to see any of us agree that we need to increase anyone’s taxes now, but you would agree you have to start somewhere.

Today is the first meeting, as you mentioned, it is to get it done, what would you be willing to accept? I think no one’s taxes should go up, because it will mean job losses if the taxes go up, but I think one thing that has been talked about is making these the current tax policy extend for another two years rather than permanent into the future, it’d be far better for this permanent.

But I think we could at least agree that it’s two years, but that couldn’t be tied to any increases in spending or any increases in taxes, this compromise there, this is what John Boehner Mitch McConnell wrote about in parked it in the Washington Post.

They say the American people want us to focus on preventing a tax hike and every taxpayer, what you said raining in Washington spending and making it easier for employers to start hiring again, that’s taxes, that’s spending and that’s jobs.

I understand one and two, how does Washington contributed making jobs in this country? How do we contribute to making jobs in this country? We’re not doing a very good job, because as you know with the stimulus spending a trillion dollars that didn’t work to create jobs, so the best thing that we could do is to send a very strong signal that the federal government is going to massively cut back on its own spending, that’s the best signal that we could send about what the president was saying yesterday on the pay freeze.

I believe that’s right. I had offered this bill that we would freeze not only members of Congress salary, but the salary of all of the federal employees, because the salary of federal employees, the wage and benefit package are double their counterparts in the private sector.

This is unconscionable, so I had offered the bill May twenty-fifth to freeze salaries speaker Pelosi wouldn’t even let her members vote on my bill, she sent it to a committee to die a slow lingering death, I’m happy now that the president wants to revive bill that I introduced.

I think we should get that passed immediately, save a couple billion dollars a year which is only a fraction of what we’re spending every year, I go back to what Paul Ryan said in the short time, I have left here, he says Republicans have enough votes from Democrats in order to keep all the tax cuts permanent.

Did you agree with that if this vote were on the floor of the House today with enough moderate Democrats vote with Republicans that keep things the way they are? I think that they would build, because I think that the election results were so stinging, but I think they were felt by the Democrats as well.

If they go home and make it their first act after returning after the election to dramatically increase spending and increased taxes, I think that they will be very disappointed by the reception they received back home, we were holding our breath to find out what happens from today, we got a camera there, stake down the White House driveway and you will find out, thank you for your time, Republican out of Minnesota.

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