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Mapping The Swamp Report Exposes Federal Government Employee Salaries

Description: The article is mainly concerned about the topic on federal employee salaries. There will be a ‘Mapping The Swamp’ report which will expose government employee salaries, it is a wonderfully detailed distressing report on how much federal workers are compensated.

We are going to drain the swamp, it turns out that swamp is a lot deeper than even President Trump realized a wonderfully detailed an extremely distressing report on how much federal workers are compensated and published and has been getting tons of publicity like this editorial investors business daily saying the beltway’s swamp is a lot more like an ocean than a swamp.

One example, it costs taxpayers a million dollars per minute to employ our federal government’s bureaucrats, join me now, it is the author of the study adam NGS key, he is CEO and founder of open the books calm, there are the books open to jenny and in trouble getting this information.

We have fought to continue to open the books, the IRS wasn’t that cooperative, they’ve redacted all 77,000 employee names from their file, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, they gave us the names, but redacted the salaries on a hundred and twenty five billion dollars worth of pension payments.

Those pension payments for retired federal workers still aren’t disclosed, they’re not a part of the Freedom of Information Act, we’re working to change that with Florida congressman Ron de Santos, we’ve got great legislation in there that the president should be back, it’s our money, we should know how it’s spent.

Let’s start with the salaries, because there’s one fact that one owner factoid that blew me away twenty nine thousand eight hundred and fifty two federal workers make more than one hundred ninety thousand eight hundred twenty three bucks a year.

How many governors make that much zero? That’s incredible, thirty thousand federal employees make more than any governor in the United States and these employees are scattered all over the country.

If you’re watching the program, you can come to open the books calm, we’ve got an interactive map of everybody, all two million federal bureaucrats and we’ve mapped them by zip code.

So you can see your little piece of the swamp anywhere across the country, I love it, I went into the app and it works beautifully, let’s talk about benefits quickly, because the time is off, we all struggle to get three or four, some people are lucky enough to get four weeks off eight and a half weeks.

What is the total number of days off amount to pay days off for government workers, that’s six, it’s more than what they get in France, I hope the president leads on civil service reform.

Here’s an easy way to save taxpayers five billion dollars a year instead of eight and a half weeks paid time off, let’s cut it back to six weeks paid time off that saves taxpayers five billion dollars.

I’m wondering we talked about his agenda earlier in the show and it’s going to be tough, because it’s such a narrow margin as in the Senate in 2018, but the OMB can’t be individual members of the Trump administration, make in the director of the OMB or some other offices try to make at the least, make the public sector workers get the same salary as private-sector workers doing the same thing.

There are thirty five thousand lawyers across all the federal agencies, there’s thirty five hundred spin part of the spin machine PR officers across the federal agencies, there are plenty of places to cut one thing that drives taxpayers crazy, it is the 1.5 billion dollars worth of bonuses that are given out each year.

So all these agency heads and the Trump, the president leading on, this can bring forth civil service reform this year Kimberly’s Rasul at the Wall Street Journal, she wrote a great column on Thursday, saying that the president should lead on this.

We’ve got the data to back it all up, when you’re thinking about bonuses, think about Lois Lerner, you should remember that woman at the IRS was working to discriminate against conservatives, she was getting bonuses the whole time she was doing stuff, that’s not supposed to be done in terms of discriminating against a person for their political ideology, she was getting huge bonuses.

So even if they’re doing a bad job, they get a bonus and now she’s out on a retirement pension to Washington DC, tanks estimated that they were $50,000 apart on the estimate of her pension, we need to open those pension amounts to transparency and that’s why the Ron de santis bill is so important to bring the pension annuity payments subject to the freedom of information.

I don’t usually do commercials on air to guess, but your website does a terrific service to the taxpayer, it’s called open the books dot-com, I encourage everybody to go in there and look at the work you’ve done, congratulations, it is very important work, I appreciate it, David. thank you very much for your interest in our work. Absolutely appreciate it.

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