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Florida Hospital Employee Giving Program

Description: The article below centers on the key point of florida hospital employee. The author is a member of the 1908 society, since he knows a lot about the generosity in Florida Hospital which is the culture there. He shows us more details about the 1908 Society and introduces Florida Hospital Employee Giving Program.

Generosity has been a part of our legacy since Florida Hospital was founded in 1908 with four dollars and 83 cents, what began as a dream and a mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ soon became a reality as the community inspired by our mission united to donate nine thousand dollars which was the amount needed to buy the sanitariums.

First buildings we’ve grown to include thousands of skilled and passionate employees were dedicated to caring for the community who put their trust in our mission over a century ago.

One of the great things about the 1908 society is that they help people in need, I never thought that would be me, I remember the day I found out my father was going to need a kidney transplant, my entire world turned upside down in an instant.

I’ve always wanted to go on mission trips, because I was born in the mission field, so it’s in my family upbringing to help people where they are and make a permanent improvement in their lives.

My husband was hospitalized unexpectedly and we weren’t prepared for him to take so much time off, I can understand the feeling of helplessness that comes over a person at that time when I found out that my father was sick and that we didn’t know how much longer he was going to have.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life, it truly reminded me to cherish all of our moments together, I’ve seen and heard stories of mission trips and mission work being done, but it’s not until your feet are on the ground and you’re interacting directly with people that you realize the impact.

That’s happening, we’re changing lives in the most profound sense, I chose to give my kid needs my father and being a part of that healing process truly was a miracle, he’s given so much to me throughout my entire life, that was the least that I could do for him.

The 1908 society is one of the ways that our employees are living out that same mission in the work we do every single day gifts from 1908 Society members like you have helped to send volunteers on medical mission trips, purchase isolates for premature infants, support employees during difficult Financial Times, give grace gifts to students and also support healing environments at each of our seven campuses.

I work here at the Florida Hospital for Children and I’m able to see what our staff does each and every day I was personally impacted by the care and compassion of the hospital.

When my father and I went through the transplant process, I was able to truly see the mission in action, we don’t say it, we live it every single day, the fact that their employees who are willing to give to people who are in need says a lot about the culture here at Florida Hospital.

Once I became an employee, I wanted to give back to pay it forward so that I could help someone who was in a situation, I choose to give to the transplant fun because of how my father and I were personally impacted by this amazing program and the care they provide.

There are so many ways to give back to the Florida Hospital mission, this is truly where my passions lie, I choose to give to employee assistance the Hope funds and I’ve been able to direct some of my colleagues to the whole so that they can apply for assistance.

When they’re in need, you have an opportunity to give in your passion lies, generosity is part of the culture here at Florida Hospital and it’s a tangible way that our employees extend the mission to our community patients into each other, I’m a member of the 1908 society and I give back, because I know generosity.

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