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Best Interview Questions To Ask Any Job Candidate Employee Interview Tips

Description: The article covers the key point of interview questions to ask employee. It contains five best types of interview questions to ask any job candidates. We can see some related information about the employer interview tips no matter what type of job we interview. We can consider the questions to be core questions of the interview.

It’s Diane, in today’s podcast, I’ll focus on five best types of questions to ask in an interview, no matter what type of job you’re interviewing for and why you should ask those questions, I consider these questions to be core questions that should be added to the behavioral interview.

You’ll be asking questions that are very specific to your job opening with one caveat, these questions that I’m about to recommend may need to be tweaked a bit to fit the type of job that you’re interviewing for.

Here’s the first one of my best interview questions, the first question is that we all make mistakes on the job, share with me two mistakes that you’ve made in your current or past job, how did you resolve these mistakes and what did you learn from the mistake.

Why do I ask this particular question? Even the best workers make mistakes, so the question requires the job applicant to be interviewed to use specific work-related examples that highlight their ability to acknowledge that they’ve made mistakes.

It also demonstrates the applicants ability to problem-solve to fix mistakes and to make decisions under stress, in some circumstances, mistakes can’t be fixed as we all know, but whether a mistake is fixable or not, the question also gives you the opportunity to understand what they’ve learned from the mistake.

Their answers should demonstrate in some way that the mistake became a learning experience which allowed the employee to do a better job, when faced with a similar situation in the future, the best interview question is asking a hypothetical question.

Here’s my example of a hypothetical interview question, it’s been two years since I hired you in, insert the title of your role, in this section, when you look back on your job responsibilities in what ways you would measure your success in this role.

I ask this question, this is a hypothetical question that you should ask, after you have clearly explained the job responsibilities and the expectations to the person being interviewed, the goal with this question is to determine how good the interview is.

We understand your job requirements for the role and get the job applicant to share with you about how they can specifically add value to your job based on their overall experience.

You’ll also gain some insight on the level of experience, the job applicant has based on your ability to apply concrete hypothetical accomplishments based on your job requirements.

Best interview question number three is if I were to contact your current supervisor today for reference, what would he or she say about your work performance, your attention to detail and your commitment to the job?

Why do I ask this particular question? This question can give you a sense of how honest and how self-aware the candidate is about their work experience, when I interviewed job candidates, I often use a candidate’s response to this particular question as part of my reference check.

For example, if the candidates response to this question, my current supervisor will say that I’m a dedicated worker who’s always on time, who works hard and excelled at all of my tasks.

When I call to check that reference, I’ll share the employees feedback with the supervisor and ask them to confirm the employee’s assessment of their own skills, this is also a good time to ask the reference to provide specific work-related examples that support the applicants assessment of their job skills. We’ll talk more about that in a future episode about checking references.

Best interview question number four, share with me three work-related examples that support your statement that you have strong customer service skills. This is an example, you can tweak the question and replace strong customer skills with any type of skill set or experience that you are looking for.

Why do I ask this question? Many applicants will tell you that they have strong or excellent customer service skills using the customer service skills as an example, but the proof is in the pudding as they say asking for very specific work related examples.

Their statement will give you a very clear sense of your potential hires interpersonal skills and how they perceive and treat customers or clients, I hope you’ll think about ways that you can incorporate these questions into your core set of interview questions.

That’s the end of today’s episode of employee hiring and managing tips, if you have an interest in my covering a specific aspect of employee hiring and managing, send me an email, because I’d love to hear from you.

You can email me at feedback at easy small business HR comm, my goal is to reach as many small business owners and supervisors as possible, I hope that you found this information helpful, thanks for joining me.

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