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Google Apps Login Jeffco Employee Connection

Description: As for the topic of jeffco employee connections, this article focuses on Google Apps login. We will be guided to see two different ways of launching jeffco google apps on how to log into that. We go to district apps page and we can learn several ways of logging in using the general tool log in.

Welcome to the screencast, today we’re going to look a little bit about two different ways of launching jeffco google apps on how to log into that, if you’re at school, you will notice that we do have a Jeffco Google Apps icon on the desktop and that will take you directly into the Junko Google Apps environment.

If you’re working from a home computer, it’s highly recommended that you are down on Google Chrome, because Google Chrome and Google Apps are the best environment for working together.

So I’m going to go ahead and double click on Junko Google Apps and at school that will take you directly to your Jeffco Google Apps resource page where you can log in, if you are at home, you can access this login page from employee connections.

We have a link to Junko Google Apps, there are also in our logins here, I find this to be the most useful of the logins, it’s a quick access, so let’s go to our district apps page again and you’ll notice that you have several ways of logging in.

This is the general login and then you can also log in to individual tools, if you know what you’re going to use, we have our Google Docs that’s our documents spreadsheets presentations and forms Google Sites.

If you’re creating a website Google Calendar to keep track of your classroom and all your responsibilities, we have a Picasa Web album YouTube for staff only and we do have a gmail account, you can also log into some contacts, you can set up contact lists like you’re doing OWA.

I’m going to show you how to log in using this general tool log in, so I’m going to click there and you’ll notice that, let me go ahead and take that out, you come up to a screen in which you type, you’re a regular OWA username, the at Jeff Co schools us is already there.

If we’d need to type that in, let me go ahead and it remembered my password, if you’re at your computer that you use all the time, it’s probable to stay signed in, I always think it’s a good habit to unclick that at school in case I have several people using my computer during the day.

That keeps your information a little more private, so I’m going to go ahead and click sign-in and let’s take a look, you’ll notice the welcome screen and it has my name and it also has my account to make sure that you sign in to the correct account.

If you have a personal on Google account, you can log in, I access your tools up here across the top and we’re going to go to direct Jeffco drive today and here are also some links.

So let’s go ahead and click on Drive and Doc’s, it could be either here or there, this link doesn’t matter, as you can see, here are a list of my documents that’s one method of signing on to Jeffco Google Apps.

If you’re not at school and you don’t want to browse to the employee connection page and you’re doing a Google search, you notice that there is a sign-in button, so I’m going to go ahead and click sign-in.

Generally this will be blank, I guess my computer’s remembering it, when you type in your username, you also need to add the at Jeff Cole schools us, it doesn’t populate that for us like it does from employee connections.

If you are in a personal computer, you can stay signed in or not, if you’re at a public computer, so I’m going to go ahead and sign in and you can see over here that this does say indeed I sign in with my Jeff Co account over on the left hand side of the screen.

We can see here are our options, let’s go in Google drive and see what’s there, there are my documents, that is the second way to login to Jeffco Google Apps when you’re browsing from WWE Google com.

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