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Description: The article covers the topic of jeffco employee connections. It is related to the orientation of English Summer School. This material is shown by the instructor for the summer term in English 10 A 10 B, English 12 A and 12 B who will walk you through the class and let you know how to use Schoology.

My name is Mrs. long and I will be your instructor for the summer term in English 10 a 10 B, English 12 a and 12 B, I’m very pleased to work with you, it was wonderful to meet some of you at the orientation.

I look forward to getting to know all of you, the purpose of this material is simply to walk you through the class to let you know how to use a little bit of Schoology to get you started.

So you have somewhere to go, if you stick, you’ll be early, if you’re a new Schoology user, I want to first point out that, when you arrive on Schoology, you will come to what’s called the home page.

If you’re taking more than one course, you’ll see announcements here for multiple courses and you will also see updates on any groups that you happen to belong to, when you want to get into the course, you’ll go to your courses tab and you will choose the course that is appropriate.

So it’ll list who you are in the course, which courses you’re in and you’ll select the course you’re in, so I’m going to start with English 10a here, when you come to your English class, you’ll land on what’s called the updates page which gives you announcements and information that you’ll need for the course.

This might be things, I found a broken link in this unit or I found this extra resource for this unit or a reminder to be logging on and getting your work done, it might be a joker, any number of things that you’ll find in this update page.

So be sure to read the updates, they are usually important things that you can’t miss and can’t find anywhere else, when you log on, you’ll also see your calendar which has due dates for your courses and activities going on.

In the summer term, things are self paced, but I have gone ahead and created some due dates as a way of keeping you lined up for where you should be in order to complete the class on time on your first date.

Today June 2nd, you should be completing the iol test and the email assignment, you should also be completing pretest that can give me where to start, you get information about what your background is.

Then by Thursday, June, 12th, you should be completed with all these assignments in the first student and so forth, so check the calendar, but it’s not hard and fast, what are you going to spend?

Most of your time, it would be your material section, so you click on your materials and you’ll find several folders for information and some of these are welcome folders and then each of these folders contains the work for four different units, each of the English classes has four units.

So if you’re taking English 10a, you’re going to have one through four, if you’re taking 10 B, you would have five through eight, if you’re taking English 12a, they’ll be units 1 through 4.

If you’re taking English 12 b, then b units 5 through 8, so in each of the units, you’ll click on to the unit and get into the information in there, so let’s take a look at the folder, with the Welcome folder, I can do that, the tab is here, what’s in it?

I can click directly on the link, so I’m going to click on the tab that will drop down here, I’ll point out that there are three things in this folder, one is the start here which is where you will find this video, the second is teacher information.

If I click on that in this way, I’ll see the same folders teacher and contact information is how you get in touch with me a little bit about my background, a little bit of how to communicate with that one appropriately.

I’m not too much a secular, I tend to be more informal, but be aware that this is an online course and you should be using proper netiquette which you’ll learn about, if I’m inside a folder and I want to go back to my original folder, I can click and go back here.

I can also use the tab keys and I can use these men, these keys here to maneuver around, so I was looking at some future information found the contact information.

There’s a video in here, if you want to know a little bit about me by background, who I am, how I got to this point, where I’m teaching summer school and the video includes the pictures of my kids, who fight about that, who got the most pictures in her video.

It’s a signal, who you’re, who you’re working with, so I go back to the beginning of teacher information and find those two things or I can go back to my head folder.

Welcome to English 10 and the folder that you’ll want to pay attention to is the first information and syllabus folder inside here, you find a PDF document that contains basically the rules of the road, click on that and it’s how the grading is done, how attendance is done and so forth.

I’ll let you look through this primarily on your own, but I want to point out a few things, this is my contact information, there is a text service that you can sign up for where I will send you reminders via text, because some of you are definitely better with texting with email.

These are the instructions about how to get started with the introduction online learning and pre-tests course content, what you’re going to be studying in each of these units, the materials you need and for each course, there may be some hard copy books that you want to get into so that you have those ready.

When you’re ready to work on that content, the critical thing is that you have an email address that I can check, each of you has a jeffco schools dot us address, it’s your student number at jeffco schools us and that is the one that is best to use for the course since many of the assignments are connected to Google Docs.

So you’ll want to use that email address, but definitely this is the one that you check for announcements, a note on the time is required, if you’re completing all four units, you should be logging in every day and completing about three hours worth of work each day regardless of how you pace yourself.

You do need to log in every day of the week day Monday through Friday so that I can count you as present and you don’t have to necessarily do with the work that day, you can pace yourself, but we do need to log in time for that.

We know that you are continuing to make progress and there are some rules you can read on your own pacing roughly complete one unit every four week and a half, that’s assuming you’re doing all of them, you’ll start at 0%.

Then each time you complete an assignment, you will be going higher, in other words, your percentage will never drop, you’re never going to see your grade plummet, each time you complete work, your percentage goes up.

The research shows that this is much more motivating and that’s been my experience as well, so in terms of your percentage going up each week, your percentage should priest by about ten percent.

Then the grades on that will be based on what your percentages at the end of six weeks, you’re trying to get to passing you, get to your sixty percent you have done, if you’re trying to get a higher grade, because you want to increase your grade point average, you want to replace this with a higher grade.

These are the percentages you need for that, I strongly recommend you check those on a regular basis, here’s some information about netiquette on how you can get along with the online world and a little bit about integrity, because some of the assignments will require you to use something called turn it in which is a plagiarism checking site.

There’s information in the course and in the resources folder, remember that if you need help on something, be sure to ask, I am not a mind reader and there’s no cyberspace connection other than email or phone.

You’re having issues, so that is more or less the syllabus, I found that in the folder called welcome to English 10 under the folder syllabus, I want to go back to my materials and I want to look on some new information.

I want to get started from there, I’m going to hit this tab or I could go back to this tab and then go from there, but it doesn’t matter, you can also use the arrow here and you’re going to choose the unit that you want from your materials.

You can click directly on materials chuckle ahead, the first units you’re going to find are called introduction to online learning and everyone needs to complete this section regardless of what your experience is.

We need to have you go through and make sure you understand how to use guji, how to work as a successful online student, then if you are coming, most of you are coming from other schools Bear Creek Dakota where to stimulate pomona.

Bear Creek is my favorite, that’s where I graduated from kidding, but you’re coming from other schools and you may not have worked on line, so this is the unit and it’s fairly brief.

But it will show you the skills that you need to be able to work online, so you’ll start with the unit and you’re going to thumb through each page, you’re going to use these and next buttons to get to the content there.

You read through the content and you process whatever is expected of you, if you’re supposed to do an assignment or try something, set your computer up some way, there’s a little bit on the shield in this particular unit and so forth.

So go back to the beginning of this unit, four sessions and in the last session that you must complete, there are two assignments that you need to do, one is email making sure how to email me and that I received your email.

The second is an iol test to make sure that you understand the contents of this introduction to online learning session, so you need to complete those two before you do anything else related to English.

This is to make sure that you have the skills you need to succeed online, this is a little bit different for some of you, once you have completed the introduction to online learning, then you’re going to complete the pretest for each section.

I’m going to click on unit one here, the pretests are embedded in the units, but they are also available via the calendars on the right side of the screen on the homepage, so you’re going to click on a test.

The test will give me information about what skills you already possess, because I want to honor the experiences you’ve had before and there are some questions in here that ask you to tell me about your particular previous experiences.

If you’ve read the play, if you’ve read the book, I may be able to use some of your materials from that session or from your previous class in order to give you credit here, the answers here allow me to see your writing skills, your level of insight.

So it’s important that you take those pre tests, first you’re certainly welcomed to go through all of the courses, course assignment at a time and complete every single unit, but most students will be able to test out of at least one unit.

So it’s worth your time to take those again, those would be in the material section under each of the units that you have here, you can also find them again by returning to your home page for the course which is your updates page.

You’ll find the links here on the right side, so you can link directly to those pre-tests and that’s more or less, if you have questions, shoot me an email, shoot me a text, call me and let me know what challenges you’re having, I look forward to working with you and hope that this was a good experience for you both in English and online, so I’d be in touch, have a great summer.

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