kroger employee

Fake Kroger Employee Prank

Description: The article covers kroger employee. A man was hired to be the employee in the Walmart and was arranged to help the people whenever they need some help, he will give some explanations and the guide about the products people want to buy. The man also complained and did not want to continue his work there.

We get over to do this bake while Coker employee can do, I’m trying to switch my job, they get me working so many hours, I need help in finding anything, are you getting these? You’d have better luck, you got woman, they got better prices and stuff, I work here, but Walmart has much better prices and they got me work here hours.

So I want to have fun, he likes it for silly-string, how much do you get this for here at 4:12, they are for 4:10 at Walmart, some socially have fun with it, let me tag you’re OK, go to Walmart, better prices, better deals, save Lenny live better, you need help finding anything, were you getting one of these yogurt?

You might find a better one at Walmart, but I see their dairy products are expiring fashion, let me tell you a secret, because I can’t tell anyone about this, but I worked at program and in the back, when we like price to dairy products, a lot of them expire in a day.

So you might want a lot of people get diarrhea or break now. Excuse me, sir, do you need any help in finding anything? Buttermilk, butter, is there a specific brand you’re looking for? No, not at all, this is the most reasonable price of buttermilk, this is why you should go to Walmart because they got the best prices.

They got a wider selection, I work here in the back, the dairy products, they expire quickly and a lot of people get complaints from diarrhea protector drinking though because it has spoiled milk and stuff.

So I don’t even know what they bring the buttermilk over here for the program, I like you, but keep it low-key, you need help finding anything, that crazy milk, but the evaporated milk like ice cream.

This is like a meal, you wouldn’t want to go there and then in the back, it’s a dairy product, it’s where you can be on that Pakistan, you might want to look in the cans, but I would suggest going to Walmart, because they got better prices and I know in the back of burger, I working in the back of the dairy products, they expire fast and you’re going to date.

Some people complain about diarrhea, then this must not be the right place and I want to look in the can section, I can help you to find anything, you need help finding anything, I think you’ll have a better chance of finding out of Walmart with a better price.

I don’t want to go to Walmart, I hate Walmart, I hate working here, they’re going to go into Walmart, but they pay him by herself like Walmart got better prices, they probably have more products of these, I don’t know where I got this, you may be there.

You have a job, that’s what you need to be thankful, it pays better than that, you get one, you find a lot of these on man, I have done with croaking, I got to go to Walmart, it’s going to be mad at me for being on my phone.

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