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Kroger Cart Pick Up PARODY How To Be A Good Employee Tutorial

Description: The article mainly contains the topic which is about kroger employee. It is about Kroger cart pick up showing us six steps on how to be a good employee. We can see some more details through the steps pulling in carts and trying to become a great program employee.

Reporting live at Kroger store 3:16 in a woman sexist, he and Bill Ferda Rebecca, she had a question parked in out a lot, I’m Mason, we saw her hosting on it, it’s a beautiful day at Kroger, it is not built along with me.

We are going to show you through the steps pulling in carts and being a great program employee. Step 1, keep your eyes open for a nice scope at the finest parts in the parking lot. I think we got one, this is a winner.

Step two, you’re going to examine the cards and make sure they’re all cleaned for the customer and it seems that we have some trash here in this heart, so we’re going to go in and dispose of the trash in a nice way. I’m throwing it in the trash.

Step 3 is how to get the man sit in the front, make it work, make sure that each car is at least 12 inches apart, once you give it, I’d remain it’s over right in the front.

Step 4, after replacing your maintenance hooks in the front bug, you’re going to get a nice firm grip on your attachment rod, do a nice lean, pull the pump back.

Tip 5, slowly but surely sink your hips may get a nice bending your back, lean back, once you get the cards on the part a lot to a 180 I said a180.

Step six, as you’re pushing the cart, make sure you have a firm grip all the way until you reach this intersection, once you’ve made it to the designated intersection, you’re going to look both ways.

Figure out all the traffic that’s going on left and right, we have a truck on coming to our left, we’re going to let him pass, because we’re always saying after this truck, we were going to go chef Sevan into the Saudi glass doors what public at Madeira.

As I enter, I’m going to do a 90-degree turn, then a car that in the lock, I’m going to have to move this apartment, don’t worry, I’m a simmer Sarge and then keep listening to our step tutorial on how to crochet cars, so is there anything the employees could do to make your experience at Kroger more enjoyable?

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