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Memorial Hermann Employee Texas Medical Center Hospital Volunteers

Description: The article mentions the main topic on memorial hermann employee. Some volunteers working in Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center will show us what kinds of jobs they do at different departments of the hospital, why they like there, the feelings they have after working there for a long time.

My name is Stephanie, I am with the wayfinding program and I have been here for about two years, I like numero Herman, I think it is of the right Hospital, I love being a volunteer here.

You’re always learning different things, there are different departments that can suit each personal interest, so there’s a place for everyone here and I think that is one of the greatest things about Memorial Hermann.

My name is Glenn Broussard. I volunteer with the Heart and Vascular Institute specifically the heart to heart support group, I’m a transplant patient myself, when you go through a life experience like I’ve been through with the transplant and you sit back and you have a wonder about what your real calling is.

Without a doubt, I can feel that giving back to the transplant support groups giving back to these patients that are in a phase of their life where they see no hope, we see no future being able to bring that hope and let them know that the better days are ahead of them that is probably the most rewarding thing I can do here.

My name is Miss Debbie. I started volunteering in September 2011, it is amazing, everything is special to me to be here to have the opportunity to be at the hospital top is the giraffe at the hospital, it’s fun for me to be topper, it’s so amazing to see from toppers inside, do that outside and see how everybody reacts, it’s so amazing.

My name is Justina Paige, I’ve been at Memorial Hermann in the John s done senior burn unit, volunteering and enjoying myself for 11 years, I had the unfortunate opportunity to come to Memorial Hermann in 1999, that’s when myself, my husband, our six sons were in a very tragic house fire that resulted in the death of one of our 22-month twin sons own singing and the admittance of myself and four of my boys volunteering at the John s.

Non-senior Burn Center was something that they came about through things I saw only as a patient, I saw what support can do in the tragic situation, I also saw what can not be supported to do.

It was a volunteer that got my attention, I mean someone foreign who didn’t know me from Adam that would come to my door at every Saturday and sit and talk with me and make sure I was all right to make sure that I had my needs taking care of everything.

It inspired me and I’m going to be come back and pay when I’m serving at the hospital, there’s this sense of life and hope I look for the smile from the face that was in despair, I look for that person that has no one and now they have someone that they get to fight in and talk to the most rewarding part about my time spent volunteering is that actual reality.

I’m making a difference, I believe that’s my biggest calling that is to be able to give patients that kind of hope, because they’re so down, it’s the toughest journey I’ve ever done and I’ve been through a few journeys as well, volunteering for me has been the single best thing that I’ve been able to do in my life.

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