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Greenshades Online Paperless Employee Payroll Demonstration

Description: The article mainly talks about paperless employee. It refers to the demonstration of green shades online employee portal paperless payroll brought by green shade software. You can learn how to access to the site and notice a few different things after you log into the site.

Today we’ll be taking a look at the green shades online employee portal brought to you by green shade software, the green shades online portal is a web-based solution which is completely hosted by green shades, what that means to you is an easy to access site with no additional expensive equipment or licensing survive.

Both payroll administrators and employees can access the site from anywhere with an internet connection, we also offer a smart phone application and are compatible with most mobile web browsers, because we carry a direct integration with Microsoft dynamics.

The process of getting your payroll data to the green shoes online portal is a very quick and easy process, the green cheese online connector is a small application that will be installed locally on your server or workstation and can be scheduled to run automatically.

This connector will recognize the payroll data and dynamics and upload all necessary information to your employee portal, so your current payroll process will remain unchanged.

With the connector is scheduled to sync periodically, you don’t have to remember to sing green shades the information, it happens automatically, so now that we know how the information is uploaded to your green shades online workspace, let’s take a look at how your employees access the site and what they see when they get there as an employee.

I simply go to ww green employee calm and from there, I’ll enter my company’s name or company’s code, you can also provide your employees with the direct hyperlink that will take them to your specific company login page.

From here, I’ll simply enter in my login credentials as displayed on the site, in this example, we are using last name and social security number, but there are multiple options that you can choose from as the administrator.

Best of all, these login credentials are validated against the data you already have in dynamics, so you will not have to worry about setting up user IDs or passwords for each employee.

When you bring on new employees, you can simply direct them to the site and they’ll be able to login immediately, as I log into the site, you’ll notice a few different things, the first is a company logo which is specific to your company, so your employees will be accessing a site that is branded for you.

The next things you may notice or the various icons that appear at the top of the screen, this is based on which modules you are licensed for and will impact what icons are displayed.

The base purchase of the employee portal is the paperless payroll module which offers the electronic pay stubs and w-2s for your employees to view included are the employee message board and bulletin board which are displayed on the home screen.

This allows you to post messages and documents for your employees to view and download, it’s an especially easy way to keep in touch with your employees, if you do not have company email addresses, let’s start by clicking on the pay history icon which brings us to the paperless payroll module.

From here, your employees will be able to view their w2s and pay stubs green shades will track which of your employees have viewed their w2s online and each w-2, that is viewed, you’ll have to print out in January, because we are converting this into a PDF document.

This w2 looks like any other w to the employee has ever received and they are able to print it out on the blank paper by selecting the drop-down menu, I can choose which current or historical pay stub, I would like to view, we load the current year’s and previous year’s pay information on the site, so it’s an easy way for your employees to take care of reprints on their own.

This will benefit the employee and you, these pay stubs are designed to match dynamics templates, so they should look very similar to what your employees are used to viewing.

Additionally, if you have had a custom pay stub built for you, we can review your current template and possibly build you a green shades custom pay stub if necessary, with the w2s, your employees can print these onto blank paper and they can even view them on their smart phone.

If we are running Microsoft dynamics GP, we have some additional employee self service modules, if you are running Microsoft dynamics GP, we have some additional employees self service modules that are available as shown in my current environment.

These modules are the profile self-service time off request federal w-4 I 9 and direct deposit access module, if you would like to take a look at these modules, please see our employee self service modules video demonstration.

As you have seen, our employee portal is very easy to use both from an employee’s perspective and the payroll administrators perspective, for more information or to schedule a live demonstration, please contact your Microsoft partner or you can contact green shade sails at 888 255 3815 option two or you can email us at sales at green shades calm, you can also view our website at, thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.

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