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Paperless HR Employee Tutorial Powered By Ease Central

Description: The following article is mainly designed to concentrate on the topic which is related to the point of paperless employee. It contains a brief paperless HR employee tutorial powered by Ease Central indicating us the detailed steps on how to log in to the system.

Thank you for going over this brief tutorial of east central or paperless, this is brought to you by innovative broker services, you will receive an email welcome message, it looks something like this.

Once you go and click the log in, you will be brought to a welcome screen where you can update your username and password and then you will be presented with a screen that looks like this.

You will go ahead and click the green button which says manage your open enrollment or complete your new hire paperwork, whatever it may be, you will then be presented a profile screen where you will put in your own personal information including date of birth, phone numbers.

You can always navigate going down the left sidebar or hitting the next button upper right-hand corner, you can add dependents here, if you do have any required documents, you can go ahead and select those, you will need to open them.

Once you open them, mark is completed and then you go on to the next screen, this is where you’re going to see your plans that are available to you, you can hit the show comparison, you can enroll or waive yourself or any dependents at any time.

If you do make a change, it dynamically updates the cost, when you finish with selecting the plan, you can hit the next button, you’ll go on to the next one or you can navigate down the right-hand side.

Next, you will then add your any beneficiaries for a life insurance or any of those plans that require that, when it is completed, you can hit next, if you do have any missing information, it will tell you where it is and you need to go there, select that hyperlink, it’ll bring you back.

Once you completed it, it will present a signature box, you go ahead and sign, then you’ll be presented another one hits sign, if you do use anything that touchscreen enabled, you can also set with your finger.

Once you complete, you will receive an email, it says your benefit of all man is completed, you will also see this enrollment summary screen, you can print it or review it at any time, hit the next button.

When you see this, you know that is completed, we would appreciate if you could rate us anything and provide us any additional comments, once you finish going in finish button and then at any time, you can come in and manage your benefits or look up company information on this welcome screen near dashboard.

If you get media assistance during this process, you can contact innovative broker services at 866 IBS broker, that’s 866 IBS broker, thank you and make it a great day.

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