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State Employee Credit Union Unravelled

Description: The article below is mainly designed to focus on the idea with the point of state employee credit union. The author reminds us to be aware of the fact that state employee credit union has been unravelled. The author wants people to know the unfair treatment receiving from banking institution which is not acceptable.

The reason why I am making this video is that I want people to know the unfair treatment you can receive from your banking institution is that it’s not acceptable, but it is real, sometimes you might not even recognize that you are being mistreated by your banking institution.

In this case, my bank institution is state employee credit union, normally I bank with the one close by my house in Monroe North Carolina on Dickerson Boulevard, but this particular occasion, I had lunch with my husband on this day and he gave me money to deposit into my bank account, because I was going to a prey or retreat the weekend.

So in order to move forward with getting everything taken care of for the weekend, I went to the state employee credit union off of Mount Mathews Township Parkway 18:25 Mathews Township Parkway, to be exact in Matthews North Carolina, I didn’t expect anything different from going to this branch versus the one on Dickinson Boulevard which I loved, I liked the tellers there.

I’m usually in and out of there very smooth, they’re very knowledgeable and I like them, nevertheless, when I went inside, it was not very busy, it was not quite lunchtime, it was about 12:00, 12:30 in the afternoon when I went in.

I filled out my deposit slip, they were to tell about working at the time, there was a Caucasian lady on the left and then that was a Caucasian man on the right, nevertheless, the lady asked if she could help me, I stepped up to the counter, I need to make a deposit and I gave her the money and I swiped my debit card and I began to ask her if I could get another card.

She explained to me that card was temporary till you get your ATM card, so we had a little bit of conversation about my questions, about my banking and things that I had on my mind.

So then she asked me for my current phone number and she began to read out what is my current cell phone number now, I listened to her when she got finished, I said yes, then she said what’s your current work number.

Then I began to get a little bit OK and she read out from the computer screen, my work number, I look better and I say yes, it is for an application or something, because a couple of weeks back, I had applied to State Employees Credit Union to refinance my car.

But I was trying to see if I can get lower interest rates and I know that their interest rates are good at State Employees Credit Union, nevertheless, that’s what I thought, I was OK, so she went on with her transaction of her making a deposit for me that I requested, because she got to do something, the teller was to the left of her, the Caucasian man, he offered to help a customer that came up while I was busy with my teller.

This was a Caucasian lady customer that stepped into his line and I began to muffle out everything else and listen directly to their communication to see how he handled his customer and little did I know he did ask the same questions that my teller asked me once again.

My teller was a Caucasian lady and I am African-American, I don’t look at any business deals or transactions as a racial issue, if there are some types of miscommunication or anything of that sort, but you never know.

Honestly, you need to be aware of who you’re banking with, who your banking institution is, who’s on the board, you need to know your privacy policies at your banking institutions, you need to know those types of things.

Nevertheless, go back to the story, the first thing he asked her was how he can help her, she was making some banking transactions, he went into it and they were laughing and giggling about other things.

I was amazed, he wrapped up her transactions with a request she had and she was gone, what my teller was doing took longer than that, as soon as Mattel affinia got my deposit slip, I stepped over it to that tellers line and I asked them I said excuse me sir I said did you ask your previous customer for her current phone number and her current work number.

He looked at me directly, he said no, I said why was Debbie and the teller name is debbie fares, I said why would they be asked me for my current phone number and my work number, what I started hearing some laughing.

I looked at the teller that had asked me for my personal phone number and my work number that were accurate that she read out to me, she was laughing at me, asking the other teller the question as to why he didn’t ask his customer the same question.

She asked me I’m assuming everybody’s following protocol, she started laughing out loudly, I looked at her and my response was that I don’t see any humor and I am concerned about why you’re asking me for my account number and my work number.

Then I look back over to the gentleman teller and then he began to say his response as to why that could have happened, he says sometimes the system prompts you to update a customer’s information.

I’m fine with that, tell me what you’re doing, because there’s privacy policies in place, we received a new ATM card with a chip in it, because there have been security breaches, let’s face it, it happens all the time, we don’t believe you always protect it.

This banking institution is insured up to 200 $50,000 something like that, you might want to check into the word of wisdom, check and see what your privacy policies are at your banking institutions.

Nevertheless, that’s the excuse he gave me, he said sometimes a system prompts that well Debbie fares, did not break that down and explained that to me, all she did was to ask the questions, because as a customer unknowledgeable about this new system that they’re trying to set in place and all this other stuff, what is the reason?

Then in turn, to be laughed at, because I needed a second opinion from another teller, because they did not treat their customer the same way that I was treated and then to be laughed at, because I had the question, I was totally embarrassed, I felt very little, because I did not know about the purpose of her wanting my phone number and my work number.

What would my work number have to do with anything? I’ve been banking with State Employees Credit Union over five or six years now and I found to be trustworthy so far, because I’ve always dealt with the one in Monroe, like I said, I was preparing to go to a beach retreat.

So my husband was giving me money and I was putting it in the bank account and moving along with my date with this, put quite a damper and my mood.

Honestly, I felt that she was probing me, she was picking at me, so after the other teller explained to me his version of why she could have asked me for my personal information, I say thank you, I replied to him.

But I was feeling bad at that time, I started feeling bad, I felt outnumbered, I felt outnumbered, so I walked away from the counter where he was standing and they have their name plates in front of the counter where they work at.

I’ve seen the teller that was laughing at me named Taylor, the name tellers plate there and it read Debbie fairs debbie de bebé ie fairs f8i re s, so I read it out loud to her, I said Debbie fairs and she looked at me, because she had finished laughing and she was smiling like this, she said yes and I dropped my head and I walked on that facility.

I literally crumbled when I got my car, because I mean I felt like that she treated me like that, because I didn’t know their policies, didn’t know their protocol, because I needed something, I came into the banking center, because I needed to make a deposit, because some things that I had planned to do, I felt that she made me feel little smaller than her, because she knew their policies and where their practices was and everything in place that I should feel little and unknowledgeable and small.

Because I didn’t know and I felt that she used her position trusting her with my money, I felt like she used our position to overtake me, because I did not know why she needed my phone number and my work number.

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