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Drug Test State Employees Welfare Recipients

Description: The main idea of the following article focuses on state employees. The episode will mention drug test stated by employees. The author is going to do drug testing of two different groups of people to show us some details about the welfare.

This episode of the young turks is brought to you by thrillist rick, Scott has decided that he’s going to do drug testing of two different groups of people, first state workers mandatory now is this constitutional, you can do random drug testing of government workers according to the Supreme Court.

But it has to be in jobs or public safety is an issue, otherwise, you have to have reasonable suspicion of drug abuse is governor rick scott is going to fall out, it doesn’t even damage it, the Supreme Court says he’s going to do random drug testing of all employees whether they’re in public safety jobs or not and whether they have probable cause or not or whether they have any suspicion or not.

He’s going to do it about once every three months, so look at how he views state workers, he assumes that they are likely to be criminals or that they are drug users and they need to be tested big stick.

They proved their legitimacy in a manner speed and you get a sense of how he feels about them the second category for people that he’s going to do drug testing for keeping welfare, because he doesn’t like them, he doesn’t trust them, he thinks all these welfare people, they’re probably on drugs, I need to drug test them.

Here’s my favorite part, they will also be required to pay for their own drug screen, they’re on welfare, they’re coming to you, because they’re in desperate need of money and you see some of those stories at its heart breaking, get couples who had two good jobs because the economic downturn has lost their jobs.

Two kids are going to school in the suburbs and all of a sudden, they’re living out of a motel, why don’t you have enough money for your kids to eat? They only eat during lunch through a government-sponsored program.

They go to sleep at night hungry, I’m going to take extra money out of your pocket to test you for drugs, because I don’t trust you, I don’t think that there isn’t a man on welfare who takes drugs, I’m sure there are men on welfare who take drugs.

It’s not my business, I don’t want to waste our money and I don’t want to waste their money on random drug testing, so Rick Scott can label them, but at this point, you might say Scott is not honest on this issue, he doesn’t give anything about the drugs.

This is an attempt to stigmatize demonized and punish those people, how do I know that? The last part of it is conclusive, he is staunchly opposed to a statewide computer database that would track prescriptions of vicodin percocet and other dangerous narcotics on the grounds of privacy rights.

When it comes to white drugs that white people take no privacy, privacy is important, state workers have no privacy, I don’t want to say why people take vicodin white people white people overdose on percocet and other dangers hydronics.

We can’t track that, but it gets worse. Florida is the largest US state without a data base to keep track of painkillers including oxycodone, oxycodone is described by Reuters, it is the epicenter of America’s illegal pill mill trade and prescription dope dealers.

You might remember there was a very famous resident of laura de who was loaded up on oxycontin that was rush limbaugh, but that’s a white draw, that’s called hillbilly heroin, but it’s got hillbilly that we love those men, those illegal drug taking which is perfect.

We’re going after black people and poor people and and minorities and state workers and Democrats and liberals, we’re not going up to rich white conservatives for them, we don’t want to track drugs at all.

Can you find a bigger hypocrite in the country than Rick Scott? I mean this man is low some in eight hundred different ways and he doesn’t give anything about any kind of consistency.

All he cares about is protecting the rich people that got him in office and punishing everybody else including the poor, the middle class and and an average worker in the state.

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