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NYS Exposed Record Overtime Pay For State Employees

Description: The following passage is mainly concerned to concentrate on the heatedly discussed topic with the main point of state employees. The content mainly refers to the details of some reports which are related to the record overtime pay for state employees.

There is another record set for state over time, every time, there’s an increase, it means that more of your tax dollars are used to pay for it over the past year, one of the highest increases in overtime came from a department that you may not expect, that’s in tonight’s New York State exposed report.

Brett Davidson takes a closer look at why the gaming Commission’s overtime costs went up thirty four percent, Scott and Jenna, they’re not the only agency running up over time cause, but they are among those that had the biggest increases in overtime hours and earnings.

Now imagine trying to cover those labor costs, if you were running your own business here at a CAD design in Rochester, employees are busy manufacturing high-tech machinery and owner Tom Shean says managing the overtime of his ten employees is critical to the company’s success.

Any time you put somebody in over or having them work overtime, the problem is that you don’t quote for overtime, so you’re losing dollars every time you do that, but according to a report by the New York state controllers office, the state paid out a record amount of overtime to its workforce last year 716 million dollars, we are continually seeing overtime, go up in many of these agencies.

The cost to taxpayers is going up as well, I reviewed the report and one of the agencies stood out the New York Gaming Commission, it oversees horse racing the casinos in the lottery.

Last year, its employees put in more than 18,000 overtime hours that translates to 864 thousand of your tax dollars, a small number compared to some of the bigger state agencies.

But it was the percentage increase that caught our attention overtime pay jumped thirty-four percent in one year, what would happen with your business if you had an increase in overtime of thirty-four percent year to year?

There would be some decisions to be made, we are more likely to go out of business according to salary information I obtained, most of the biggest overtime earners in the Gaming Commission our inspectors, I wanted to speak with the executive director of the Commission and even came here to their offices in Schenectady.

But nobody would meet me to answer my questions, a spokesman did send an email saying quote overtime increases in 2015 were due to allocate of staff to temporarily fulfill our roles at newer expanded Indian gaming facilities and address sales representative coverage issues in various marketing regions.

We feel that this is a very significant misuse of funds nelson, aquilano has spent the past 40 years counseling people with gambling addictions, he’s also on the board of the coalition against gambling in New York.

He feels that overtime money would be better used treating problem gamblers, we’ve a lways said gambling was a losing proposition to everybody in the state, I think this continues to prove that the governor’s office defended the state’s record use of overtime.

They pointed out that overall the state workforce has shrunk by 9,000 employees since 2011, but according to the controller’s office, the Gaming Commission had more employees last year than it did the year before.

A solution is to stop, put the brakes on do a real analysis of why it is happening and then figure out what the solution is, it also granted licenses to three commercial casinos, but if there’s concern about all that overtime, we didn’t hear about it at today’s monthly commission board meeting which was webcast online.

If you think they should be better controlling those costs, you can let them know, the Commission’s executive director is Robert Williams, his office number is five one eight three eight eight-thirty for hundreds con Janet well Brett 34% is quite a big jump in which agency had the biggest increase in overtime that be State Police which is all sixty-six percent jumping over time earnings.

But that is more easily explained, a large part of that was the manpower necessary to track down those two escaped prisoners over the summer, we remember that it is Brett Davidson with our report tonight.

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