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Walgreens Employee Training Program Part 1

Description: The article talks about walgreens employee. It will introduce us some details about Walgreens Training Program. The content will contain some guidelines for the most efficient operation and use of this equipment, you will know who to contact if you have questions about your equipment or your recycling service managers.

Welcome to Walgreens trash and recycling management program, this training program explains the important proper operating and safety procedures of the refuse and recycling equipment.

Walgreens has provided your stores with operating success, walgreens has partnered with green environmental management and advanced custom engineered systems and equipment company to create a state-of-the-art refuse and recycling program.

The success of our program depends on use of all green employee who has been entrusted with the care and operation of this equipment, this video will provide guidelines for the most efficient operation and use of this equipment and who to contact if you should have questions about your equipment or your refuse and recycling service managers.

Please remember miners under the age of 18 are prohibited from loading, unloading, operating or assisting in the operation of the compactor or shredder equipment and never operate the shredder or compactor if the safety devices are not operational.

This refuse equipment was designed by ASUS, the shredder is equipped with a deodorizers to minimize garbage odors in the feed chute, please pay special attention to these operating guidelines.

The following items are considered dangerous when combined or compressed and could cause an explosion or fire inside the compactor or shredder or your safety and the safety of Walgreen employees.

Every employee should make sure that none of the following materials are even unintentionally placed in the trash, that will be put into the compactor dangerous items include the following types of products.

But there may be other items like these in your store, so be careful when disposing of any item that has chemicals or batteries, no chemicals or pesticides, this includes items that contain bleach cleaning supplies or pool chemicals lawn chemicals fertilizers or insect repellents no flammable products.

These include items like aerosol cans lighter Floyd paint or paint thinners disposable cameras or oils and no products containing gasoline or kerosene no hazardous waste products examples include batteries, lubricants, light tubes, tires and any type of product that contains batteries or would be a hazardous material.

If you have a question about a product being hazardous flammable or explosive, ask your manager first before sending it to the shredder or compactor note, each time you place material into the shredder, you must turn this red Iran and process the content for your safety.

This reading occurs behind the entered locked access door which will automatically turn off the power, if the door is open, let’s look inside, be sure to limit the trash placed into the shredder, a maximum load limit is shown on the inside wall of the loading chamber.

The amount of material you place inside the chamber at one time should not exceed this level, the video shows the actual shredding taking place, do not attempt to open the doors to view this equipment while operating, wrapping up the scrap materials including plastic surround the shredder wheels is a common part of the shredding process, no cleaning of the shredder is required.

In fact, this racking helps in this writing process, an electronic control system regulates the shredding process, the machine will sense when materials are jammed and automatically began a reverse action process designed to dislodge the material and then continue the shredding, the reverse and procede process may repeat several dozens.

A red light indicates that the shredder is operating normally a blinking red light means the shredder needs to be restarted at which time the reverse and the proceed process will repeat again until the material has been fully processed.

A normal sweating operation will last up to two minutes, do not interrupt the system during its operation and no one should ever enter or attempt to remove debris from inside the shredder.

It is the store’s responsibility using parking lot maintenance or store personnel to manage inspect and clean up loose trash in the corral area, after your trash hauler scheduled a weekly pickup, be sure to inspect and remove any trash in the corral and parking lot areas and specifically check under the trash containers for scrap that may have fallen out or spilled during the waste haulers, pick up trash left under the waste container can interfere with the proper operation of your equipment and is in violation of local sanitation codes.

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